Sunday, September 28, 2008

gym pickups

before anything else, lemme just say that i simply love sarah brightman. not only is she HOT, but she can really sing! i have been a fan of hers for a few years now and to be honest, she has never ceased to amaze me. every new album she comes out with, she delivers something new and exciting. she's like the madonna of the classical genre! always reinventing herself.

i also like it whenever she gets to do a duet with another artist. so far, i have always loved her tandems with andrea bocelli with "time to say goodbye" as an all time fave. with her latest album though, besides bocelli, she also had a duet with alessandro safina.... OMG! alessandro safina, i had a super duper crush on the guy before. silverback tenor who kinda looks like fernando zobel de ayala. sings like an angel with piercing looks that can make u squirm at you seat!! i recall searching high and low for a CD before when i first got wind of him. sadly tho, he was still not popular enough for local music distrubutors to carry his album. anyway... besides safina, she also has this duet with this budding countertenor named fernando lima. when i first heard this song, i swear, i had to get up and listen more attentively... the guys voice is magical!!! him being a countertenor would mean he sings pieces written for sopranos, so he kinda sounds like someone kicked him in the nuts or that he never quite hit the mark during puberty. either way, he sounded divine! so much so that, well... hehehe, maiinlove rin kayo! :) here's the video just to let u guys know what i mean. hehehe, he also kinda reminds me of hugo weaving.

on a totally different note, i need to air out something.

while changing after my workout, i got into an interesting conversation with a nursing student at the locker room. for the mere fact that he looked unfamiliar, i knew he was new to my gym. he was quite conversant and was asking for tips and routines of what he could do just to liven up his routine. unlike me, he was trying to bulk up whilst i was just trying to maintain my built and if still possible, loose some more body fat. being the ever accomodating me, i tried my best to give him as many suggestions as i can, of which basing from his reactions, he was very receptive. in the end, he asked for my number and suggested that maybe we could work out together one of these day, an idea that i really didnt think was so unusual. i go to a small gym and all of us there have grown close and familiar so gestures like this is never taken as anyhing other that what it is.... or so i thought.

late that evening, i received a message from said guy regarding what a great work out he had and asked what was i doing. i said i was home chilling and doing research online. he proceeded to ask me more questions about myself, up to the point of whether i was married already or not. NOW.... whoa boy, whoa!!!! it was at his moment that my radar kinda went on orange alert. realizing i guess of the sensitivity of the issue, he quickly apologized and changed the topic to something more benign, like, what do i do during my free time. too late tho, for now i'm on to him. will be keeping particular attention when i bump into him next time i go to gym. haaaay, was thinking to myself, if this was fitness first, i wouldnt be so surprised... but this is MY gym. its sacred ground!!!! :) well, for me at least.


theTripper said...

hahaha... "was thinking to myself, if this was fitness first, i wouldnt be so surprised..." is this how notorious this gym is in terms of this "social" activity?

i hope to read an update of the nursing student. ;)

jamie da vinci! said...

yes apparently! tried out their facilities once as a guest of a friend and found the place swarming with "fairies"!

the nursing student? hahaha, u know me.... always happy to share gossip with the world!!!