Friday, September 26, 2008

mental teaser

what started out as a routine greeting over chat turned to an all-out "war" as my friend mark and i volleyed riddles and mind teasers last night, just for fun.

been rather busy these past few days with regular engagements with clients and working on projects. coupled with zipping in and out of meetings and driving the distances of downtown manila, then to libis, then to the fort, then to makati CBD, then back again to manila (imagine the mileage i have been racking up!!! pwede ko nang i-HONG KONG to! if only i flew a plane, syet.), you really cannot blame me for feeling harrassed and drained at the end of my day. i actually surprise myself sometimes for still being coherent enough, more so, have energy still, to consider working by the time i get home. such is the life of a freelancer.... sigh. anyways, since i PURPOSELY did not schedule anything for today, i decided to use last night to unwind and catch up with the latest in the lives of my online buddies, mark being one of them :)

anyway... one thing led to another and our conversation ended up with him trying to cheer me up with his visual riddles. using the doodle IM environment, he coaxed me to a guessing game and tried his best to render me images supposed to bring me to a state of nonplus. unfortunately for him.... i LIVE for riddles... :) and not soon after he started did he realize he was WAY over his head with who to pick on to confound. poor, poor mark.... by night's end.... he was hemorrhaging already.

with that said, allow me to leave one of the riddles i used on him, one i got from my client while we were camping out in the middle of nowhere...

there sits a square room bearing four equally sized walls and one window, all the walls of which are facing the same direction. if you chanced upon a bear while gazing out the window of this room, walking from the left side of the horizon to the right, what would be the color of the bear and why?

here's my "jeopardy music" to keep u company while u ponder on my question. hemorrhage away!!!


Christian said...

Haha this took me a while...

Hint: What does this blogger refer to himself as?

jamie da vinci! said...

FINALLY! :) hahahaha, not surprised it took a kinsmen to offer an answer.