Thursday, September 4, 2008

sick, down but not out

i woke up today feeling better than i did the day before. yesterday, all i could do was cover my nose as it felt like niagara falls was transplanted up my nostrils. i felt sniffling and sneezing. i had the cold and i hated every moment of it. it' just sooooo "dyahe". i would talk to my client on how retro was fashionable again and then in mid-sentence, i would pause and sniff up my impending nose drip... diba? gosh, shove up a catheter nalang and spare me the misery of humiliating myself slowly will ya?

anyway, i took my decongestants, had a warm bath and put on my warmest jammys to bed that night, hoping, praying that it would do the trick of convincing this unwelcomed bug to take a hike and leave me alone! i though it worked when i got up since i could breath easily again. my voice didnt sound hoarse or nasal and despite having morning joint pains (i'm old and dying, i know it!), i felt perfectly normal. as i was about to shout high hallelujahs, i suddenly felt a drop roll down my lip. not long after that drop began, my nose stuffed up and my tummy decided to join in the misery bandwagon as well. in no less than an hour, i was down and finding myself taking frequent visits to the toilet. why i am sharing this with you, well, just trying to spread the love honeys!!!

i really didnt want to go to work, not because of the cold but that OTHER nasty issue. but skipping today wasnt really an option. i had a schedule to keep with my client and time is of the essence. she once, casually, hinted to me how she doesnt like last minute changes in plans so i really want to get to her bad side. runs or no runs, playing hokey was out of the question. i sat extra long in the loo for peace of mind and abstained from having anything. driving was extra harrowing as you all could imagine. funny since i was joking with a friend yesterday as to what could make my sick day suckier ( i was stuff in rush hour traffic with an inoperable nose), and my friend said having diarrhea while in traffic. premonision ba ato?

my meeting with my client this morning went rather well. i was in and out of there in less that 30 mins and had her approve all my samples. i then went down to my site and had complementary physotherapy on my shoulder. well, it wasn't completely free since i also was a guinea pig for the new and very complicated machines. hehehe, the things i do for free service.

so far, my tummy had been very cooperative. vikki met up with me that noon and we had lunch together. my cold was getting worse and i really didnt want to end my day on a bad note so i asked her to indulge me and have lunch at felix, my fave resto. had great food, great kwento about her upcoming wedding, and great service (cute waiter was very attentive at our table... how nice of him). as my day came to an end, vikki and i parted and i started heading home, not after i pass by another site of a friend.

marc is this friend of mine who is opening his boutique along buendia. he wanted me to come over and take a look at his place now that its finally finished. since it was on the way home, i decided to pass by. cute is all i can say. i like the colors that he used and together with the stuff hes gonna put it, i can say that his place will definitely stand out.

left marc at around 4 and headed staright home. my head was throbbing and i felt something was was coming up. true enough, by the time i got home, i was nursing a far worse cold, diarrhea, and a 39 degree fever. im burning and freezing at the same time. im so not used of getting sick that i sometimes think, my body just lets go in one giant swoop! i cerainly hope this fever and all the mess that came with it is short lived. i cannot WORK like this!!!!!

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