Tuesday, September 23, 2008

the highs and lows of a sunday in september (part 2)

owing probably to the fact that i was having such a high, i decided to "consider" if it was the right time to make another luxury purchase. my first ever was when i got myself that louis erard watch while i was in dubai. cant really recall how much it cost but it was a beau. i dont wear it so often since i dont want to wear the leather out but on the occassions that i do, man, do i feel like a million bucks! (even if i didn't spend a million for it).

i have been considering getting a new watch recently. i don't really NEED one since i basically have a watch to fit every occassion. only that, i thought it would be a nice thing to treat myself with something. i have had my eye on a few but they have just been WAY out of my league. the first one is the PANERAI Luminor Power Reserve, either that or the automatic version. just beautiful... simply stunning. the price is less than a rolex but still more expensive than what i can shell out without shedding a tear. the second one is the Louis Vuitton Tambour Chronograph. i have always been in love with a thick case and so far, i have yet to find one that would beat he thickness of the tambour. the third one(s) is a BULGARI Diagono Calibro 303, or the Ergon. both spectacular watches in their respective rights, the former more formal and the latter, more sporty. the price is almost that of the Panerai but because Bulgari is on sale now, the pain can me managed.. if i decided to get them, that is.

PANERAI Luminor Power Reserve

Louis Vuitton Tambour Chronograph

BULGARI Diagono Calibro 303

Bulgari Ergon

the dream continues for me. for now, i doubt i can afford the lifestyle of having such pieces, but a guy can still dream can't he?

after drooling over those lovely, lovely pieces, having finally walked of what we ate for lunch, kuya and i decided to cap off our day with a good movie. since nothing new has come up yet since we had that fiasco of an experience called BABYLON A.D., kuya thought of trying Bangkok Dangerous starring Nicolas Cage and well, a thai cast. now, i had some reservations with nic cage movies, action movies especially since i have found his acting rather cheesy. O.A. (over acting) to a great degree and well, just plain irritating. imagine tom cruise only uglier, with a receding hair line and legs long enuf to compete with nadja auermann's. kuya however said that he recalls hearing good reviews about it and to drive in the NAIL, the poster says, "no. 1 in america!" can't go wrong there for sure, right? no point doubting the POSTER!!!??? right?

the movie was set at 830 and it was barely 7 so we still had time to spare. we, being the hopeless gourmands that we are, decided to have dinner to kill time. we settled for nanbantei and have japanese barbecue. this meal was good too and did not tax our bodies so much. we ordered just enuf to feel satisfied and ate just to the point wherein we were not hungry (yes... we actually felt hungry after eating that feast of a lunch). we got to the theater early and waited for the place to fill up.

a little dread, a little apprehension since that nagging feeling like this is gona be another movie fiasco was still there. as the movie started and i heard nic cage's voice over on his life of being an assassin.... i knew we made a bad choice.... a VERY bad choice.

the movie was indeed bad. one of the worse i have ever seen.. the worst was BABYLON A.D. but this one was not that far behind. over acting, BAD acting, crappy plot, nic cage, weak characters, gore, cheesy lines, and stupid cinematography made this movie experience simply torturous. it was soooooo painful to watch that i found myself covering my face just to stop them from beaming anymore crap into my eyes and sear it into my brain. i also found moments wherein the acting was soooo stupid, u cant help but mock them. people probably found it strange as i started to laugh during one of the climactic shoot out scenes. i tell you, that scene was the STUPIDEST I HAVE EVER SEEN!!!!

the only thing that kept me on my seat was the scrooge in me that didnt want to waste for the paid seats, as well as that little glimmer of hope inside that maybe, MAYBE, there is still redemption for this movie. sadly, there was none. i had tried to convince myself to focus on thai eye candy shahkrit yamnarm but his charm too wore off quite quickly... overpowered by the extreme glare caused by nicolas cage's airfield of a forehead.

i got so agitated with watching bangkok dangerous. so much so, that even as i got back at home and was watching some benign TV show, i was still quite irate. stupid movie, stupid nicolas cage, i can't believe ppl PAY to watch that kind of crap!!!!! dangerous NGA! GAAAAADDD.... what a way to end a super day.


theTripper said...

long time no show on my blog. hehehe. i nearly watch nick's film but opted for babylon ad instead. i was in iloilo then and there's really nothing to do to kill some time. its a good thing that movies in iloilo onlu cost 80 bucks unlike here in manila that it's 130 at least. i already stopped watching movies here in manila. i just wait for the downloaded versions from the internet.


jamie da vinci! said...

very wise of u trip. if i had a rusty spoon on hand while watching these TWO movies... i certainly would have gouged out my eyeballs already. certainly the pain would have been better than enduring another minute of this crap!! then again, i could always get up and leave, right? :)

theTripper said...

wrong. u should not leave without getting ur moneys worth. if u could not get any sense on what u r watching on silver screen, maybe there is something worthwhile on watching other people watching the movie. hehehe

jamie da vinci! said...

spoken like the grand master that you are. i am definitely not worthy to bask in you glorious splendor, o great one. i will take to heart and reflect on your kind advice and hope to imbibe its wisdom... hahahaha :)