Friday, September 19, 2008

takeshi... eesdatchu?!

what is up these past few days i wonder? not really complaining but seems that my slightly pink angel has been working it! so much has happened in the past few days that i am starting to wonder if i shud brace myself for something BIG coming my way....

i met up with an online friend last night, a spur of the moment thing since i was already on my way home after a long day. as i was in my car ready to back out of my parking space, i got an SMS from him asking he we could meet up for dinner. he said he was having a horrid day and really needed someone to talk to. i already turned him down once before when he asked to meet up and thought, what kind of a friend (underline FRIEND) would i be if i do so again, more so now that he's practically just asking for company. brushing aside my guitly conscience of having to miss gym that night to have a probably sinful dinner, i hesitantly turned my car's engine off, got out of the car and started walking to greenbelt.

the walk was quite pleasant since legaspi is most often than not deserted and the cool wind blowing from the park is always refreshing. i walked all the way to glorietta since he said he'll meet me there.

mark (who i will call him for the sake of this entry) works for a call center. short guy, moreno and quite a chatty fellow. u can tell from his countenance that he's a ball of energy with unstable tendencies. i would presume that is the very reason he is having his bad day, something just tipped him over and he's getting all worked up because of it. i found him sitting at the bottom of the escalator in the glorietta activiy center and after saying hi to him in person for the very first time, he started to tell me EVERYTHING.

i don't understand what is with me and being the seeming "ventee" of ppl. someone told me that i'm "magaang kausap" so that could be a reason... i just find it rather interesting. anyways... mark just started to talk... and talk... and talk.

we got up and started walking towards a place to dine. after we went around glorietta looking for a place, i suggested we head back to greenbelt and eat there. we finally ended up at kitchen (my fave place to have a good meal and, well, talk). as we sat and had dinner, i got to know more about mark. i got to know about the weird stuff that happens to him at work. i got to learn of his BFF who has a complusion to lick. i heard of his stories about encounters with beggars. i heard of his many past relationships. i got to learn of his highs and lows and basically everything else in between. what was supposed to have been a short meal (i preempted him that i wanted to be home early) went on for hours! not really saying i did not have a good time, i actually did. i just found it amusing how much a person can tell someone he has met for the very first time.

anyway... after dinner, i suggested we have dessert. my choice and my treat. ever since my brother and i tried it, i have been addicted to the black cherry gelato of gelatone at GB 3 and since i was already breaking my diet, i wanted to do it "right". had a sinful scoop in a sugar cone and mark tried the ferrero roche. good looooooorrrrddddd... who needs a relationship when i can have one with food, ice cream in particular. bwahahahaha! needless to say, i was enjoying every lick and suck. mark asked if we could go to the cinemas to check what movie was out. since it was raining and i didnt have an umbrella with me, i found no harm in killing more time.

no good movies tonight.... but no biggie, i was having an eye fest of a different kind anyway :) so many good looking ppl out tonight i thought. then one guy caught my attention in particular, more so since he was the one staring at me.

there i was, probably with a stupid smile on my face due to my ice cream high and watching ppl with mark when all of a sudden mark said that someone was watching me. this japanese looking guy that looked like takeshi kaneshiro was really staring at me. well, i think he was and asked mark to double check, he confirmed! he was tall with rather long shiny locks, lean looking in tight black jeans, a dark shirt, a leather jacket (fashion victim!) and a black scarf (super fashion victim!!!!). he kept glancing at us and just to really test if we were the objects of his attention, i hid behind a post. the dude purposely stretched out his neck to look!!!

ok... now i have to honestly say, part of me was tickled by the attention but a greater part of me was starting to get freaked out. i mean.... dude!!!! staring is just RUDE. what got me a bit anxious tho was when he started to move toward our direction. tho i was not looking at him, i was eyeing him from the corner of my slit for eyes, and the moment i realized he was heading our way, i immediately turned to mark and started engaging in a rather loud conversation on some topic i can no longer recall. the guy then stopped, turned around and walked towards the arcade. he sat there, still watching us. that moment, mark said he was gonna step out for 5 mins to see if the guy will make another move. i threatened him that i he does leave me, he will NEVER see me again! saying that, i decided, fuck it. i'm leaving. this is just too uncomfortable. he may look smoldering (hell, in all that gear, hes a walking sauna!) but i am in no mood to play mind games like this. we stepped out of the cinema lobby and staring japanois guy got up and went to the ticket counter and did whatever....

mark ended up walking me back to my car, a good 20 mins walk from the mall. the entire time we were talking. i was already tired then so a lot of what he said kinda just breezed over my head. i did catch a few like what buses he likes to take and how funny it was seeing claire dela fuente's face on the street. we got back to my site where i parked sometime late 9 o' clock. it took us another few minutes to bid each other farewell. we kept extending and extending with stories and odd comments about random stuff until i finally extended my hand to shake his and called it (really) a night.


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