Thursday, May 8, 2008

the game....

in sequel to my previous post, allow me to give an update on what has been happening since i officially dove into the dating game. first and foremost, i never really realized i was already dating until one of the guys i met told me that we were. as far as i was concerned, i was just meeting them to give a face to the name. casual chit chat, hi's and hello's over coffee or a meal and that was it. guess i knew wrong. funny. i guess it was a good thing that i didn't really considered them as dates. for sure if i did, i would have been a bundle of nerves, knowing how good i am blowing things out of proportion! :)

so since the time i started contacting these ppl, i have gone out on 4 "dates" with 2 different ppl. one about my age, the other someone who turned out to be only 19 (my explanation on that later). there are still a few ppl whom i would like to meet but its either the circumstances would not allow us to see each other or there is a conscious effort to actually prevent such meet-ups from happening, either from one or both parties involved i might add.

the first guy i met was ok. nice, clean, intelligent and quite conversant. a flight attendant so he was not lacking on the looks department. not really drop dead gorgeous but definitely above average. personality wise, he seemed sweet and caring, though from experience in meeting so many ppl in my line of work, i can tell there is a level of immaturity in him that still needs to be worked on. not really holding it against him since he is younger than me by a few years and has yet to explore the world and learn from it ( ah, youth). despite having past relationships, i can safely say hes not really the commitment type, for now at least. he's fun to be with and a possible great companion for gimmicks but don't think he's the guy who would want to get tied down with only 1 particular person for long. a wandering jew who also happens to like going shopping :) my kind of friend indeed, hehehehe.

bachelor number 2 is a boy. GOD! though he never really hid from me how much younger he is compared to me, i distinctly remember that he said he was 21. not that i'm into children mind u. i am a person who likes to get mentally stimulated by good conversation, and on chat, this kid can talk! so it was rather fun to catch him online since theres no dull moment with him. there was also an energy to him that i guess i fed on, him being the boy with unlimited stamina, and me being the old cow left out to pasture. it was rather exhilarating to try to match up to his energy, something that i am proud to say i have done over and over again. but then i always knew i could out-chat anyone. his online character was definitely fun, in person though, well.... he's totally different.

we met at tomas morato. well, i picked him up near his house since our rendezvous was quite clandestine. hiding from the mom was his reason. me naman felt even more awkward, like a pedophile!!! note to all, HE WAS THE ONE WHO WANTED TO MEET ME. i just gave in cause he was very persistent. in person he's not as chatty, though i could tell he tried his best to make conversation. unfortunately he was just too young to know enough things to talk about i guess, more so about the topics that catch my fancy like the arts and philosophy. we had lunch (my treat) and got to know each other better. tried to pick topics i know he can be more open about like the travails of having a "fairy" as an identity. by the end of our meal, he was warmer and got, well, more amorous. i tried to keep distance from him by sitting a good 2 feet away, something he noticed :) i apologized and said i have trust issues. well, dunno how he did it but by the end, i found him holding my hand already. (man, this guy's is suave... corny, but good). i can deduce that he definitely is a romantic, like all boys at his age are. but i don't think it will work between us. in the end, the age gap is just too much and i really don't want to weigh him down with all the hang ups of a soon-to-be-30 soul. i think i can be a kuya. not that i have experience to impart but more for support. i just hope he can figure it out and not think that i'm being pakipot!!!

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