Thursday, May 22, 2008


david archuleta, consistent boy american idol aspirant lost to david cook, avant guard, steadily getting cuter due to his hard working stylist, rocker.

im not too sad with the turn out of the contest. i did like david cook as well so if america decided he was more deserving, then he was more deserving. i honestly though last night while i was posting my entry about what simon cowell said about david archulets's performance. when he said it was a "knockout", it almost felt like the kiss of death for me. counting chickens before they hatch simon....
o well. america obviously doesnt like being told what to think, more so what to do.

if there is anything im sure that will happen, is that both davids will come out with albums and it will be another battle. i just hope david a.'s maniacal stage dad doesn't beat him up into a pulp first for loosing.

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