Friday, May 9, 2008

isa pa!!!

i got sooooo happy uploading my fave song "breath" and finding so many versions of it that i decided to upload another!

i first heard of this song from one of my brother's CD's. i got hooked to it by its beat and mix of vocals. since its a bad habit of mine to not really research as to who the artists are, i never really got to know who sang the song or even what the song was called. that was, until i went to dubai. my flatmates wake up to watching GAY.TV, an italian gay network that shows music video in the morning. note, none of them are gay, it was just that GAY.TV had a better selection than MTV Middle East or MTV Europe.... it's GAY.TV! should we really be that surprised? anyway, was watching it one morning when this video came up. immediately i recognized the song and was dumbfounded by how awesome and even better the original tract was (my brother's CD has the remix version).

"What else is there" by royskopp. the video is one creepy piece of shit but nonetheless enchanting. i LOVE IT!!!!!

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