Sunday, May 11, 2008

then God created eve...

the hug i gave you this morning said it all. the hug you returned told me all as well.
thank you for being my mom.

i know your fears. i understand your worries.
thank you for caring beyond what is your person.
for your selflessness, your unlimited compassion.
for letting me be who i think i should be, even if i know you do not fully understand.

i am who i am, because i am your son.
i try to be upright, God-fearing, compassionate,
wise, kind, funny, caring, loving, honest, because that is who you are.
i live life to make you proud, to validate all that you have done to make me a good son.

you are the joy of my existence.
your love is my blood, your words are my inspiration.
your wishes my food, your prayers my air.
God is good to have given you to me.
God is great to have made you my mom.

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Toilet Thoughts said...

I so love this one. thnaks for sharing. :)

(hehe, I'm almost finished reading your posts. I made it from both ends to the middle)