Thursday, May 29, 2008

a bithday patry, cha-nis style!

i was "man-handled" by my mom to attend the 80th birthday celebration of her cousin last saturday. i wasn't really feeling it since i barely know the celebrant, more so, mostly all the people attending. added to that, i was also trying to cut down on the food intake since i had a camping trip coming (more on that later) and everyone knows what not eating while on a chinese dinner means, right? however, my mom obviously knew how to play me. a pout and a sigh later and she used the strongest weapon a mother can wield on a child... guilt. cunning.... simply cunning.

i tried to make the best of the evening. good thing i was seated beside a kooky cousin and i had a textmate who kept me company :)

here are some of the pics i took while trying to entertain myself. :)

notice the sea of blood... and the cheesy decor? :)

the wedding singer.... not really the best but bearable. at one point he referred to the party as a wedding, a slip of the tongue that EVERYONE noticed.

my grey ensemble. i stood out like a sore thumb but was commented as being artistic :) i guess ppl also grow tired of wearing red on these occasions and just wished they thought of wearing grey as well! :)

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