Tuesday, May 13, 2008

the plot thickens....

love is one tricky business that one can only really get a grips of by just diving in. no rule books to guide you with, no tried and tested theories. all one needs is just gut instinct and a fortified belly to brave the fates and the elements as you allow yourself to be the subject of the ebbs and flows of this ever shifting cosmic brew.

in just a span of a few days, i have been battered, beaten and built up again. i have professed my intentions and have been accepted, denied, ignored, played upon, falsely accused of and betrayed. talk about a roller coaster ride. needless to say, i am still alive and well and optimistic that the one who is for me is still waiting somewhere out there. hopefully not as bruised as i and still hanging in there for me to finally show my face.

i find it so amusing how gay ppl handle relationships. it seems like everything is on fast forward and no one wants to slow down. your first meet ups almost feel like its the date that will make or break the deal. being surrounded by my straight friends i guess made me appreciate the importance, as well as the joy of the pursuit. call me old fashioned but courtship for me is as significant as the the actual relationship itself. if animals themselves do it, and with strict attention to routine, then i don't see any reason why humans shouldn't. wooing plays a vital role i believe as it exposes one of their true desires, much more, what they can offer to the plate. gay or straight, i don't believe the dynamics of the hunt are any different. men or women, all long to value someone and to be valued by someone in return. the more time and effort you invest, the more you will gain.

so the game continues and i set my eyes into the horizon and the rising sun. the trek will be arduous i'm sure, but deep down in me, i know in the end, all will be worth it.

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