Tuesday, May 6, 2008

prada wishes... and vuitton dreams!!!!

i just got back from what would have been the most exhilarating, exhausting and practically bankrupting trip of my life! a 5 day 4 night vacation en-grande from asia's shopping mecca, hong kong.

the trip was supposed to be a simple get away from the monotony of manila. a brief breather just to refresh and recharge my batteries and also spend some QT with my brother. what should have been a peaceful escape turned into a hedonistic blood bath of shopping, eating and more shopping. so much so that i found my feet blistered and sore from 5 straight days of walking from sun up till sun down.

i never would have expected i could walk or even shop at such an intensity. i guess thats what HK does to you. it gives you this fever to spend as you get all caught up in the frenzy of people FIGHTING to get into stores in order to get first dibs at the latest products. case in point, the luxe good stores scattered all over in HK. gigantic flagship stores almost in every block. i have never seen so much in such a small area before in my life, more so the worship of such hi end brands. i had to point it out that despite working in dubai where money flows like oil, the arabs feel more tamed in their spending when compared to the almost ravenous attitude hongkies have with their shopping. i mean, never in my life have i seen people actually queue outside an LV store in my life, but here, ppl actually do, and it was a really long queue!

if i had a dollar for every person i saw carrying a labeled item, i would have enough to buy myself my very own. walking along HK's streets felt like watching a fashion show in NY or paris. clothes and shoes and bags and accessories and pants, enough to send any serious fashionista into anaphylactic shock! HK is also becoming a mecca for anything that deals with design. from its cutting edge uber hi-tech airport to the boutique hotels and local home stores that line up along its once peddler filled streets, HK design is fastly setting its mark in the world! i especially enjoyed how they do commercial interiors and their ingenious use of limited space. corners and dead areas are never wasted and function seems to be infused at every available piece of real estate. we naturally tend to do that as well, but in HK, aesthetics is never sacrificed. i guess we too can do that, if ppl here are more adventurous and have money to invest in such edgy concepts. there is a boldness in HK design, something far different that the other places i have been or seen. the attitude of pushing the boundaries and striving to dream is intoxicating. im actually considering trying to find a job there, just so that i can be immersed in such a strong vibration to create and be creative.

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