Wednesday, May 21, 2008

is there any question?

tonight airs the finale of season 7 of american idol. though i used to follow it before when it started, i kinda lost interest midway after missing a few episodes. however, despite not being able to watch it as much as i used to, i still kept my eye on my favorites and how they faired. tonight, i watch my "manok" slug it out with another singer bearing the same name. the two davids on idol's last night... who would have thought this would happen?

anyway, ever since the kid (david archuleta, that is) opened that beautiful mouth of his and released his siren voice, i was hooked. never would i have expected such beautiful sounds to come out of such a young person, and with so much conviction in his singing.. almost like an old soul. i have to be honest, for very obvious reasons, that i was also supporting ramielle to win. but she just got irritatingly, well, irritating. though she started impressive, she gradually slid down the forgettable road of just being another singer. david a, as i call him (yeah, we're close) on the other hand has been consistent ever since day one. his performance tonight sealed the deal with yet another beautiful number, capping it off with the song that made me fall in love.

here is the clip that basically handed him the prize.

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