Wednesday, August 5, 2009

teddy "boy" locsin jr.'s eulogy to the late president

"Throughout thirteen years of martial law, until I laid eyes on her again, I never thought that I would ever see the end of it. Least of all that my father would survive it. I am not much given to prayer or pious reflection but when I could set aside my anger, I prayed my father would see democracy again."

"Late one afternoon, in San Francisco, I got a call. It was from Cory Aquino, for whom I had written one speech after her husband’s assassination. She said she had accepted Marcos’s challenge in a Snap Presidential Election. I put down the phone, and packed my bags, and reported to her at the Cojuangco Building."

"I knew then she was the answer to my prayers. What I did not notice was that the closer we came to victory, which is to say the farther the prospect receded that the Marcos regime would survive, the less I felt the anger inside me. As each day passed, bringing me closer to the day I could get even, the less I felt the need for it as I spent more time with the woman who alone could make it possible."

"I did not notice, but I was no longer looking back in anger, or looking forward even, to victory and vindication. Only now do I see. I had lived with my anger so long, only for the day to come when it no longer mattered to me. The only thing that counted was that I was living every day to the fullest, bringing out the best in me—for someone else. A dream I hadn’t had since I was a boy, feeding on stories of chivalry, had been achieved. I was serving a woman who was every inch a sovereign, all the more for scorning the slightest pretension to the role."

"I did not realize it, even when I was already in the Palace, by the side of the President—among all her advisers, I like to think, the one who loved her most."

"It never again occurred to me that I had scores to settle. And not until today, that I had passed up every chance to get even."

"From the moment I came in from the airport and reported for duty, and she gave me in return the same smile she gave me on her deathbed, I never noticed… Not when I was with her in the campaign when she corrected me for not looking at the people I was waving at… Nor when I was with her in the presidential limousine looking intently, for her benefit, at the crowds at whom I waved… I never noticed anything. Except that I was with the only person that I would ever want to be with."

"I certainly never noticed that I had left my anger behind. I don’t know how it happened. Except that Cory Aquino ennobled everyone who came near her. I have tried to say it publicly but never could finish. If you saw me as I felt myself to be, anyone would fall in love with me. I saw myself in that hospital room, a knight at the bedside of his dying sovereign, on the eve of a new Crusade, oblivious to the weight of the armor on his shoulders for the weight of the grief in his heart."

"And because she always doubted my ability to be good for very long… Indeed, when my wife told Ballsy that I prayed the rosary at Lourdes for her mother’s recovery, Cory said, “Teddy Boy prayed the rosary? A miracle! I feel better already.” Because she doubted my capacity for self-reformation, she made it effortless for me by being herself. I did not notice that I was doing right by serving a woman who never did wrong. I am not sure how to take this moral self-discovery. It is so unlike myself. But if it will bring me before her again, I am happy."

i have never heard anyone so eloquently express their love and honor for a person they served.


joelmcvie said...

My god Jamie, when I heard him deliver it in the cathedral, I felt so small as a writer. His speech was so breathtakingly sharp, succinct yet so full of spoken and unspoken thoughts and feelings. So professional yet so personal a piece, it was a triumph of craft and feeling, of mind and emotion working hand in hand to create the magic of words.

Cory was spot-on in choosing him as her speech writer.

wanderingcommuter said...

breathtaking speech~

jamie da vinci! said...

@joel. i choked and gagged as i heard him speak. my heart felt heavy for i could sense his grief as well as his pride in being of service to such a profound woman who, like him, could have if she wanted to, carry the same hurt and hate he did, but chose not to but instead, walk the way of peace and love and recovery.

his words dug in deep. i agree, choosing him to write her speeches was a great choice.

Reena said...

jamie, super thanks for posting this.

i agree with you. my brother and i actually had a long discussion about this eulogy. as in, we dissected every sentence! :) it's not just a tribute, it's a love letter.

it really moved me. it was my favorite of all the speeches.

Theo Martin said...

I have never heard a politician admit to their mistakes and misgivings and humble themselves like how he did.

Kristin said...

thank you for posting this. this is gut-wrenching, especially with teddy boy spilling his very soul in front of the nation in his most heartfelt way.

is there any chance you could also post fr. catalino arevalo's homily during the funeral mass? if any other speech could equal teddy boy's, i think fr catalino's would.

thank you.