Monday, August 3, 2009

the greatest honor

it was a long friday and an even longer week. after partaking my dinner, i slowly dragged myself up the stairs, brain gearing for the remainder of the night where i would find myself in front of my laptop, slaving away some more to finish off work. as i ascended the steps, i am immersed with the background noise from the busy tondo streets, as well as the blaring of the TV, as my dad always likes to watch with the volume turned high. "president aquino's statues remains stable." was the last i heard as i made the turn at the landing and the reporter's voice eventually melded too with the cocophony that makes up my tondo's daily soundscape.

i was still groggy when i woke up the following saturday morn. i left my work half finished and basing from my YM being still on and the welts on my face, i had fallen asleep without knowing it, again. it was 530am and the sky was a depressing grey. rain was pouring outside and the air was chilly. i clicked on my twitter to read the updates of friends from the night before, maybe learn of their eventful TGIF's, of the one's i don't think i will have anytime soon. yet amidst the tweets about fun and frivolousness was one lone tweet that i did not expect to read, the one tweet that made me look outside and sigh to myself "even the sky is weeping..."

the president had died.

the dawning of the day was still hours away as i passed by luneta, past the huge flag flapping in the stormy winds at half mast, it's full expanse as if pressed againts a wall of solid air, the national colors stretched against the dark sky. what great honor it must be for her excellency, i thought, to have such a spectacle greet you as you pass, that even the greatest of symbols who deserve the highest respect, pay their respects to those who they must feel are greater than them.

she, beyond any doubt, rightfully deserves it.

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Anonymous said...

the EX president died. hahaha