Monday, August 17, 2009

staple gun wishes

God loves us and therefore, despite His undeniable superiority, He doesn't judge us of our flaws. not yet, that is. i however, have not yet reached that point in my life wherein the life and love of God residing in me have fully permeated my entire being. that said, i therefore still fall short in a lot of things godly, my judgmental nature is one case in point.

allow me to then exercise and take another step farther from the unapproachable light.

i was having lunch with my brother at mamou this afternoon. we had been running around the metro handling errands and as a treat for being unceremoniously thrust into the work week so early, we (rather, kuya) gave in to the urge of having steak, something really worth looking forward to when at mamou's. anyway, while dining, this group of ladies came in and sat at the table next to us. nothing really unusual with that except for the fact that one of them was more lively than normal. from the moment she passed thru the door threshold, i swear, her mouth just went at it like it was a machine gun gone berserk! suddenly, the resto became flooded with "OH MY GOD!!"'s and "DID YOU KNOW"'s and probably all the exclamatory expressions in the english language. i really don't mind such high energy, but this woman (and i only address that she is of the female gender for no decent lady would ever behave like how she did) was something else!

kuya said this was the very definition of "yapping" for truly, she just kept talking and talking and talking and talking, and very loudly at that. she was so loud, i could barely hear myself think. the place was already bustling with ppl and was ringing with the sounds of the busy lunch hour but despite this, you could still hear her voice, and quite distinctly even. her sharp shrilling tone just could not be drowned by the combined clangings of utensils and the chattering of other diners. she was SO noisy, i was beginning to feel that she was already violently intruding into my personal space... and i was a a good few feet away from her! whenever she would give her opinion, or offer a suggestion, or share gossip with her girls, it was as if she was shoving her words down my throat. i told kuya she reminded me of dona victorina, the character in noli me tangere, a loud socialite oozing with vain glory.

it was a valiant fight but eventually, with her incessant chattering, she won. i lost my interest in my food and mamou's magic fell and tasted flat.

i hate that woman. i swear. driving back home, she was all i could think about. i hope she chokes on a t-bone STEAK!!!


Trip said...

im not sure about this but cant u just complain at the restaurant manager that she is actually annoying the customers? well, she might even get noisier if u do that. hehehe

sana ginaya na lang ninyo siya. hahaha

Eternal Wanderer... said...

some people, or groups of people act as if public places were extensions of their homes.

sana hiniritan mo: ang laki ng bahay mo a. umaabot hanggang mamou's.


Mr. Komplikado said...

I would call it a thing that resembled a woman.

Syet, taray ko! Etchos!

Hi, ako po si Mr. Komplikado - the blogger formerly known as Mr. Scheez. =P

jamie da vinci! said...

@trip. the manager, i doubt cud do anything. the owner of the resto was hobnobbing with the group. it was a pack of rich matrons... very rich matrons. so rich, you could smell the corruption in the air.

@eternal wanderer. should have told her "i like you daster... and ur rollers and ur bunny slippers too!"

@komplikado. hi scheez!! wemeeszdchu!

i'm a narnian said...

naaffect ako sa OH MY GOD! haha

wanderingcommuter said...

hindi na nga ako magsasalita ulit. nakita ko bigla sarili ko sa kanya! hahaha

odin hood said...

candy pangilinan ba ito? LOL!

A friend of mine had told me of a similar experience with candy pangilinan at a steak house... sooobrang ingay daw hehe

where's that gun tacker when you need it hahaha