Tuesday, January 1, 2008

write it down

in accordance to my new year's promises, i will now start to write things down. rather, write more things down. i have been consoled to the fact that despite my size, leathery skin, a trunk and a propensity to devour kilos of peanuts in one sitting, that no, i am not an elephant. neither do i also possess their legendary memory. years of convincing that i have the brain of a savant (just that i am not socially handicapped and have definitely a more bubbly personality) or that my lapses of memory were rather lapses of attention have finally culminated to this one moment of admittance, i have been defeated.

i am not ashamed anymore to admit that i don't....
  1. remember dates, especially when they are gimmicks, parties, dinners, luncheons and other social events that would require hobnobbing and the unnecessary feather fluffing.
  2. remember birth dates, with exceptions to my brother and myself. i used to remember my parents but now i don't.
  3. remember phone numbers, with exception to my brother's and my own again. i don't bother with my parents since my dad has this awful habit of constantly changing cel numbers.
  4. remember names of people. i can never forget a face though, so that has to count for something.
  5. conversations that revolve around, or contain the topics above. i will remember the talk, but none of the contents of the exchange. like a slow-mo scene with all of their voices in a muffled slur.
i guess i had already an idea that things would turn out this way since since i started blogging (which i believe was a God-sent to episodic amnesiac like me). funny, whenever i would documents events, i would try my best to write down as much about it, despite how seemingly trivial it may be. every emotion, every thought associated to that entry had to be written out in fear that in the future, if i decide to review my life through the blog, i would still remember what exactly it was that was going through my head while i was writing it... hehehe, i'm actually doing it again now.

what's this ribbon tied on my finger for?

call me an alzheimer hypochondriac if you must. it doesn't hurt i believe to start being thorough. better now than when i'm really in big shit and can't do anything about it anymore.

on a totally different note, i have been bitten by a rather unusual "bug". i won't say so much now since i have this weird personal superstition that if i jump the gun, things won't come into fruition, so i'll keep mum about it for now. don't worry, you guys will definitely hear about it when things get finalized.

till then, happy new year again to ye all!

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