Monday, December 31, 2007

new year's eve

since i'm in a rather celebratory mood, might as well keep the joy coming by blog about the day.

it's december 31 people, the last day of the year. after all of the things that have happened, after all the drama, action and comedy in my life, it is finally time again to turn a new leaf and start things fresh. a new year is afoot and this is perfect timing to start things differently.

i'm not really into new year's resolutions but might as well give it another go. there's no harm in it anyway.

resolutions for 2008, things i wish to achieve so that i will come out, after 2008, a better more balanced person:

1. control my emotions rather than let it control me.
2. write things down so i don't forget.
3. don't procrastinate.
4. be more relaxed and prepared when things don't go my way.
5. be responsible only for myself. the world will take care of itself.
6. treat everyone like they are pools of knowledge and have been put in my life to teach me something.
7. to step out of my comfort zone and be more engaging.
8. don't over analyze.
9. love the game.
10. love someone else.

happy 2008 everyone! may the Lord bless us all!!!

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