Wednesday, December 19, 2007

here we go again

the sound of it almost jolted me into consciousness. as the soft tune ticked my ear and permeated my brain, i wondered... is that Il Divo i hear? then it hit me... IT IS IL DIVO THAT I HEAR!!!!!

for years, our neighbors have been a source of utter frustration for me. we live in the ghettos of manila and it is quite common to have, er, how do be PC about this, urban nomads, lying about. some we have actually taken into our employ yet there are still the lot who simply just hang around waiting i guess for grace to rain down on them from heaven. now... on the many occasions that they linger, they would often entertain themselves with music. either they be the audience where they enjoy the blasting sounds of their make-shift boom boxes; or they be the performers belting out tunes so loud that dogs in jupiter start howling!

now, it would have been fine i guess if the tunes they play were rather current, or even pleasant for that matter. unfortunately, it seems that for some weird reason, the frequencies they keep getting, or the recordings they play only varies from the cheesy love songs by the likes of david pomeranz to jurassic disco oldies like loius, loius! to add more insult to injury is the vigor pinoys have to pour out their hearts and souls in singing karaoke. everytime our neighbors have an excuse to party (in which case is like every other day! be it birthday, christmas, new years, or a funeral. yes, a funeral, i kid you not!), bet you money that you will hear some drunk deluding himself that he is the next american idol! again, their choice of material needs some work.

so you cannot really blame me for the shock when i heard OPERA being played. was i dreaming? was i home!!?? was this some sick joke?!!! but it wasn't, it really was opera, Il Divo was being played!!!! i couldn't believe my ears. it is as if God had enough of my ranting and finally relieved me of some of my suffering.... then, like all good things in my life, divine comedy kicked in. the damn drunks i guess finally figured out the error of their choice and quickly reverted back to some gay song about jumbo hotdogs! ugh!!!!!

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