Thursday, December 6, 2007

lesson to learn, again

been having these late night cravings and the most uncontrollable urge to munch for no reason. can't really say that i am hungry since my metabolism slows down at night but since i got back, i have been having these binging episodes almost every night. not really the best thing especially since i'm trying to loose weight, as well as trying to get healthy again.

since i last left almost seven months back, i don't think our ref has ever been this empty. for the past couple of days i have been mercilessly raiding it for what ever its got! from chocolates, to exotic candies and snacks, to old sweets, even the food that i was supposed to give away as gifts to my parents. the baklava did not stand a chance. our ref did not stand a chance, i doubt even a lock would keep me away from my prize.... whatever it is that's left inside our icebox. however, tonight, our ref bit back!

stashed far deep into the back of our ref lie my brother's liqueur. he's not necessarily hiding it, it's stashed at the back because i believe it got pushed there since no one really drinks in my family. he had a bottle of mango rum and a bottle of raspberry vodka. i'm not really an alcohol drinker myself, most especially since i am severely allergic to the stuff. i'm seriously hyper-reactive to alcohol, even the slightest amount can hit me like a ton of bricks. stupid me however, that wee bit of information did not deter me into digging deep into our fridge and pry out the bottles.

i first tried the mango rum. vikki once told me it was the best she's tasted. i never got to taste it myself even if we had it at home since the bottle back then wasn't open. this time however, it was and almost empty. guess it was that good. i poured a little into my mug and took a sip. the rum was strong but sweet, with a definite taste of mango. it was syrupy than what is expected of rum and from the taste of it, i'm sure it would go greatly with some dessert that i have yet to discover. my next venture was the absolut raspberry. my brother has a couple of bottles which he got from a friend's recommendation. i don't really understand the taste of liqueur except that it tastes like poison. vodka in particular since it has this really strong kick to it, and how it goes down ur throat, like pouring lye into the drain (not that i have ever had lye before!). anyway, the raspberry flavor was supposed to taste good, so i tried it. took a sip and waited. amidst my chokes and gags as i tried desperately to regain composure of myself from that sip, i never really got wind of the raspberry taste... hmm, maybe it was just me.

right on the money, my head started to spin, as in SPIN!!! you've ridden on a carousel before right, turn that up to spinerella speed and that's basically what i felt. up was down and down was somewhere else!!! in a few moments, my head started to feel full, then it got warm, then i started to loose my breath. in less than 10 minutes after taking my two sips, i have gone into complete allergic flare!!!! my body was red from face to toe and i had blotches all over like i have the map of the world on my skin!!! i tried to counter my reaction by taking in chocolate and milk, why, i don't really know. i just sounded like a good idea at the time. that did nothing really except gave me a guilty conscience. damn! that's another 20mins on the stairmaster!

decided to take a cool bath instead, just to cool my skin down. i saw the full force of my reaction after i got out of my clothes. i was terracotta red, it seemed like i went clay mud wrestling! of the brilliant ideas i had today, this one seemed to work the best. the cool water calmed my skin down and i came out looking more pink that red. in a few minutes, the redness on my arms and legs subsided. now, only my face and chest are crimson. hopefully by tomorrow all would be back to normal. i just hope i don't get hives and a hangover (you would be surprised, i really get hangovers from sips...)

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