Wednesday, December 5, 2007

ribs and whatnots

decided to cook again. tried making barbecue beef ribs over the convection oven today. much to my dismay, the beef is taking forever to soften. my marinade was rather sweet since the barbecue sauce i used was laced already with sugar. i also thought of pickling the ribs in some wine first to add to the flavor. the sugar caramelized too quickly and turned my ribs dark way before they got soft. o well, lesson learned. will try again next time, see if if can fine tune the recipe some more. it taste wonderful, its just that you would need teeth made of steel and cheeks laden with steroids to cut through the meat! ugh!!!


i have been sick lately. don't really know if it was something i ate of drank but i have been having these terrible stomach cramps that won't seem to go away. i'm trying to not take any meds for it since i believe whatever it is that's making me sick, my body should be able to handle, it not, "flush it away". i'm considering going all naturopath and even, go vegan. for no real reason really except to have a change i guess.

funny that i got sick within days of coming back. i have never been ill in my stay in dubai, despite the stress, the odd working hours and the chronic fatigue. god knows i wasn't eating right as well. yet i didn't get sick at all. now, i have a cold, my nose is constantly stuffed and is starting to run. i have an upset tummy, and based on my check-up with my doctor yesterday, i have some liver problem as well. WTF!!?? does it mean that vacations are now dangerous to my health? am i supposed to understand that i will now forever live a highly stressed life just to keep myself "healthy and well"? o dear....


i was watching the telly last night and came across the amazing race asia on AXN. it would be unlike me not to notice how almost all the players are quite good looking. come to think of it, all of them are all pleasing to the eye, starting with the host, Allan Wu (no where near the looks of Phil Keoghan). upon checking the bios of the contestants, i find that they are models, or actors or gym instructors from their native countries. hmmm, not complaining really. i appreciate the fact that there are at least some asian eye candy available on the tube for me to oogle at. i'm starting to get rather tired of drooling over just white meat. doctor said i needed variety in my diet, hihihi.

seriously, yellow meat HANDS DOWN!!!

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