Monday, December 10, 2007

sunday report

something i found absolutely hilarious happened yesterday at home. i was at my laptop outside in the living room, updating my blog, when i heard my mom and my brother arguing. they were both inside the bedroom and though i couldn't really understand what was all the noise about, it sounded kinda intense. all of a sudden, my brother laughed. now, that was unusual i thought to myself. not that it's unusual to have my brother laugh but laughing was not the sound to be expected when people are supposed to be arguing. so inquisitive me decided to see what all the ruckus was about. what happens next is too cute not to blog about, more so, take a picture of!

my brother received a gift from one of his friends the night before during their annual kris kringle. deciding that the gift (an odd looking device) would give my mom more pleasure, he decided to surprise her with it the next day. indeed the said gift did the trick. my mom i guess was just dying for some form of distraction from her mundane routine. she was definitely game in using the gift but it being such a foreign looking device, she needed to have my brother demonstrate it to her....

mom and kuya going gaga over the "deal or no deal" home edition!

the culprit!

that afternoon, me and my brother took to makati for our so called "weekend tradition". he needed to burn some cash in buying his gifts for christmas, i needed to court a pair of sneakers that was on sale. we also both decided to watch "the golden compass", which was already showing. i have blogged about the mall a few entries back, seems like it's the only thing that's interesting to see and go to. this time, i got to take a photo of the facade of the new greenbelt 5. i was commenting to my brother how breath taking the roof looked with how it juts out of the profile of the structure. it was quite a powerful statement. i wonder who the architect is. greenbelt 5 is being dressed as where upscale local products are to be showcased. hence, budji living has an entire section to fill. the mall is open now tho a large part of it is still being finished. maybe to open early next year. i might just have an entry exclusively on the malls here. just o have some commentary on mall culture in manila. running ut of things to talk about.

greenbelt 5 from a distance with its mighty roof.

"the golden compass" wasn;t the movie i was expecting it to be. the story started out rather slow, then it started to pick up the pace. then t slowed down again, then picked up again. this happened a couple more times in the movie, making it quite fatiguing for me to have the pace change so often is such a short duration. one moment they have you engrossed on the details of the story, the next minute it feels like they are rushing you to the next scene. the movie had it redeeming moments, all in the persona of one nicole kidman. i swear! even if she is the villian in the movie, i really could give a damn, beauty like that is worthy of WORSHIP!!! the other characters were ok i suppose. not too much development with any of them since this movie is the first of a sequel. the effects were good, quite good especially with how the demons were rendered.

nicole! nicole! burning bright, in the palace of the night. what immortal hand or eye
could frame thy FABULOUS symmetry!

overall, i could not help but compare this movie with that of "the lord of the rings" with regards to the plot as well as how the book was translated to film. with LOTR, you were always at the edge of you seat with the momentum of the story never going too low. the constant shift of intensity in this movie however i found too distracting, thus it just feels like they were trying to cram everything in the book into the 3 hours time the movie was running, something with what they did for the earlier harry potter installments. well, i just hope the next movies will be better.

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