Friday, December 7, 2007

commuting 101

today would be one of those days wherein you know deep down that "things" are gonna happen, but you chose to ignore your gut and just get on with the day coz if you don't, well, things aren't going to happen.

i went to makati today to pick up tickets from an agent for avenue q. this is another musical that i have wanted to see live and thankfully, i'm in the country this time around. last time they showed, i was still in dubai. since the play deals with issues like prostitution and homosexuality, i sincerely doubt it will ever get shown in dubai, more so anywhere in the middle east.

anyway, since today is a friday, i couldn't drive my car because of "color coding". so i decided to commute. i have done it before many times and today shouldn't be any different. it was to be my test to how efficient public transportation in manila is to be. my meeting was at 1130 and i left the house at 930. i started my trek by walking out into recto, where i could catch a jeep to avenida to take the LRT. i would then take the LRT to edsa and take the MRT from there to ayala. presto! i am in makati.

the jeep ride was rather simple since i lived in what is jeepney central, divisoria. i got a ride in no time. not considering the humidity and the cramped confines of the jeep, the trip was rather ok. i did notice that it's either i got bigger of jeeps got smaller since i couldn't sit fully upright inside but had to bend forward just to keep my head from hitting the roof of the vehicle.

i got off at avenida and took the LRT from there, baclaran bound. considering that it was already 10am, the trains were still packed. i was hoping it wouldn't be so tight during this time since by now, due to the humidity, i was rather damp already (damp, mind you), and being squeezed in a train full of similarly damp people is not really the most comfortable situation. but what can you do, i was already there and beyond the point of no return. as the doors of the train opened, all you could do is throw yourself into the sea of people inside and hope that your momentum is enough to create a pocket for you to fit in before the door closes. the train i got into was good to have great aircon. it was cool despite the congestion inside, and odor free (HALLELUJAH!). bythe time the train passed pedro gil, it was already empty so i had the pleasure of stretching about for a couple more stations before i got to edsa.

i arrived at edsa and moved to the MRT train. this wasn't as bad as the LRT since i'l be taking the train from the first station. not as many people, but the trains' A/C definitely needed work. to think i only had to ride through two stations, i got to my stop drenched! ugh! this is what i don't like when i commute. there is no way in the world for me to prepare for the humidity and the temperatures the moment you start running after trains! running to be the first in line at the ticket booth! waiting for your turn at the gates! waiting in traffic in jeepneys.

o well, after i got my tickets, i lingered a bit more in makati. might as well make this trek worth my "suffering". i will be going through the same experience again later on my way back home. i pray when i get home, i am still the same person.... here are a few snaps of my day.

LRT coming..., LRT passing..., LRT vomiting!

sakura, where i had a hearty bowl of tempura soba soup with a sinful side of salmon sashimi!

Glorietta 2, after the bombing. see that entire area in the background boarded up. that stretches the entire block. apparently, that was the extent of the bomb blast... sad.

the pies d' resistance! cebuana lechon!!! so flavorful, you don't need gravy!

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