Tuesday, January 15, 2008

weendend update, part 1

another blog about my sunday escapades... what to do? i can't help but just talk about sundays. MENTAL NOTE: would need to make time to make weekdays interesting as well.... hmm, maybe when i actually decide to start working.

cousin and i had a "date" (sort of) last weekend for some good old fashion hanging out in the mall. blame it on the innate mall rat in every asian, the mall as most of you may well know by now has practically become an extension of the typical asian's living room. we meet and greet, dine and whine, entertain and be entertained in the mall so often nowadays, mainstream religion has even set up shop in malls as well. why not save some lost souls while they swim in the lusts of the flesh, they may have thought to themselves. anyway, like me when i first came back, cousin dear hasn't seen the new malls yet. the last time both of us were here, all these mall were still under construction.

our first stop was salcedo market. not technically a mall, but i felt it was a good start to the tour. cousin has been updated via my blog with my escapades and has been quite curious of what was it with this market that has sent my kuya and i raving about it. it was a rainy saturday morning and i personally didn't know quite well how to get there since the back roads of makati are still unfamiliar to me. fortunately, neither of that served as a hindrance to our urban advenure. upon reaching the salcedo area, we just basically winged it. i trusted my memory and common sense and cousin tried his best to recall where the streets went (he used to work in the area). in the end, it was thanks to ineng's BBQ for leading us the way. if it were not for the smoke they produced while roasting the succulent morsels of meat, we would have been still going around in circles.

despite the dampness and the occasional umbrellas that could poke your eyes out, salcedo market lived up to cousin's expectations. it was as busy, diverse and lively as he imagined it to be. of course, i have to take some credit of enhancing the experience further by making us have cebu lechon, lechon baka and paella for breakfast! only in the philippines, only in salcedo! we decided to linger a bit more till it got nearer to noon. i wanted to show him more of makati and had the idea of bringing him to serendra after. since it was quite obvious that we were in no more mood to eat after having that platter of meat, i thought we should go to serendra to have dessert instead.... you know where, i'm sure.

cousin has never heard of serendra. so seeing this complex just spring up in front of him, after his last memory of the place was just GRASS, was quite a shock. it was still raining and was early so we decided to walk across to bonifacio high street to pass the time. the fully booked building was the first stop. actually, it was our only stop. to be lost in that building is a pleasure. we spent a good hour going through the floors and books which eventually got us to end up in starbucks. coffee and conversation, one cannot but help oneself to this old tradition. we chatted (gossiped) for a while and started off again along the street. blame it on the cool cool weather, of my cousin's allergies but he was starting to wind down. not wanting to push him to his utmost limit, i decided we should start heading back... that is, not after we make the scheduled visit to cupcakes by sonja.

another item kuya and i have been raving (cursing) about, cousin has been rather intrigued as to what was it with these pastry delights that made health buffs throw in the towel and submit to the glorious deliciousness (think nigella!) of these tasteful treats. i didn't want to disappoint so being the perpetual sigurista, i chose a deadly combination for my cousin to try. a box of six please... 2 berries and cream, 2 flourless chocolate indulgence, 1 red velvet, 1 pistachio berries and cream... to go. an additional crash cart should have been mandatory!

needless to say, the cupcakes lived up to their reputation. so much so that my cousin was hooked on the first bite. so much so that the box of six was decimated in a matter of minutes. so much so that we did not even give the expected "o my gooood!" expression escape our mouths. sugar shocking was a price we were both willing to pay... our pancreases must have been heaving!

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