Thursday, January 3, 2008

my humps...

allow me to be a shrink to myself....

i complain a lot. i would think that of all the things i do well, complaining is one of them. i do it so well as a matter of fact that i have elevated it to an art form. but of all the things i complain about, nothing gets me more passionate than complaining about my body. yes, my body. call me vain, call me narcissistic but i just chuck it to plain ol' human nature. despite how some people say that they are happy the way that they are, i sincerely believe if you poke around long enough, you will uncover an insecurity hidden under a seemingly well content surface.

but i know i have to learn how to curb my ranting episodes. i have to learn to make peace with the body God has cursed, i mean, blessed me with and see it in a totally new light. i have to learn to appreciate myself for what i am, not just from the outside but of what i am in the inside. because at the end of it all, isn't it what's in the inside that really counts? ...who am i kidding, i want to look like antonio sabato jr.!!!!!

since i have been slaving away, day after day at the gym, there has been one part of me that has caused me so much frustration that i really have no idea what to do about it anymore. i have already consoled myself that getting washboard abs is close to impossible. that my chances of growing a couple more inches are as slim as corruption being eradicated from my country. that having a smaller waist is like have a 0 calorie cupcake, it just can't be done. but at least this one i can have, at least this one i can achieve. but as things are going, it doesn't seem to be happening. i'm talking about my man boobs.

ok. i know they are not that big. i fortunately don't have gynecomastia, but still, it is one sorry site of my body that i can definitely live without. i work out, and i work out hard!!! but irregardless of the tonnage my trainer makes me bench press, it seems like none of the fat in my chest is dissipating. all other parts of my body seems to be responding rather well. i'm developing tone, i'm gaining bulk in all the right areas, but the flab is still there. what's the point of looking good and having great shape when u have titties jabbing out of your shirt! if you have cheeks under ur pits like hamsters hoarding food!

i just find it so unfair. you have guys in the gym who work out so little yet end up looking like chiseled greek gods. then you also have those who don't even have to work out and already look good. now here i am, busting my balls to get some hard earned results, but as you all know by now, NO RESULTS!

so, the question stands... how the freaking hell do i get rid of these hideous things!??

these!!!! not those!!!

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