Friday, January 25, 2008

of missed meals and delayed bathroom breaks

upon my brother's recommendation, i willingly took up reading "the book of lost things", his latest addition to his steadily increasing collection of books that have taken over our room. i got to peak-read a few pages before he took it with him to cebu over the weekend, and from the few pages that i got to browse, i could tell it will be quite an interesting read.

the book revolved around the life of a boy named david, and is set during the war in europe. having quite a british (irish to be exact) flavor to the writing, i found it quite difficult to resist comparing it to another british creation that talked also about the life of a boy... harry potter. that sentence alone should definitely give you guys a clue as to where the story goes, but then again, don't expect just yet. there is genius in the writing of this book and quite a lot of hidden plots skillfully woven in by it's great author. that's probably what you get when the writer used to write famous thriller novels and then decided one day, he'd want to try writing a children's book. though, i wouldn't really classify this book as GP.

this is one of those books that you wouldn't want to leave too long unfinished as the plot crescendos in intensity as you get yourself deeper into the novel. it doesn't drag as much as harry potter does with the last few books but it definitely gave me the same feeling i got when i started reading HP the very first time. that almost uncontrollable addiction, you try to have just manageable dose of it, but once you get a taste, the only way to get rid of the craving is to have some more. like my brother, i too finished the book in a day. it was worth the missed meals and the bloated bladder.

i actually have lots more to say about this book and how it made me feel as i think i can relate with some of its characters, but then doing so would ruin other people's fun. so i'll keep it to myself for now and will just leave you guys to read it on your own.... then lets have a BOOK CLUB MEETING OVER TEA!!!! my personal tip to make this reading experience more enjoyable, read it with an imaginary british narrator in you head. think, sir ian mckellan , peter o'toole or better yet, patrick stewart! i swear, it sounds soooo much better! hahahaha!


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