Saturday, January 26, 2008

fairy tale overload

while i recovered from the "reader's high" i got from reading "the book of lost things", i stumbled upon this rather pleasant discovery. the universe i wonder seems to be in a rather chipper mood.

disney, in efforts to promote its theme parks has recruited famous photographer annie leibovitz in a rather fantastic ad campaign called Year of a Million Dreams. they casted celebrities as famous disney characters and have spared nothing in making the production as spectacular and as magical as their animated counterparts. the photos will be released in lifestyle mags like vogue and GQ starting march and will comprise of about 12 photos in total. here are some of the pics that i was able to find online.

Where every cinderella story comes true. scarlett johansson as cinderella, with custom designed gown, real glass slippers and a $325,000 tiara from harry winston!!!

where you are the fairest of them all. rachel weisz as pasty snow white. how true.

where the magic begins. julie andrews as the blue fairy from pinocchio, and abigail breslin as fira from disney fairies. julie andrews and the blue fairy i know, but WHO THE F*** is abigail breslin and fira?

where imagination saves the day. david beckham astride a white stallion as prince phillip... on a quest to awaken his love, the "posh" sleeping beauty... comatose probably from a botched face lift! ahahahaha...

where you're always king of the court. pun intended i suppose. roger federer as arthur from disney's the sword in the stone. pardon me for asking, but didn't novak djokovic just kick his metallic ass?

where wonderland is your destiny. beyoncé appears as "alice in wonderland," twirling in a teacup, accompanied by oliver platt as the mad hatter and lyle lovett as the march hare. i'm not quite sure if dear alice's expression is that of nausea of just sheer terror to be in the midst of these men. o where is jay-z when you need him?

where a whole new world awaits. jlo and hubby marc appears as jasmin and aladdin. hmm, what an upgrade j, from subway to limo to CARPET!!!

part 2 of the whole new world pics, whoopi goldberg is portrayed as the genie from disney's "aladdin".

where dreams run free. muscular jessica biel shows what harvesting wild corn and running with livestock can do to one's figure, as pocahontas. wonder if they have plans of casting justin as john smith?

where you never have to grow up. gisele bundchen as wendy, mikhail baryshnikov as peter pan and tina fey as tinker bell. let's see, a supermodel, a ballet dancer and a comedian, sounds like we have found a replacement for will and grace.

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MaRk said...

umm...abigail breslin is the girl from "Little Miss Sunshine"