Tuesday, January 15, 2008

weendend update, part 2

being it the first weekend that my bestest best cousin is in town, i was kind enough to volunteer my kuya to take him around on sunday, sunday being me and my kuya's unofficial QT together. i just thought it would be a nice way to hit two birds with one stone. i'm a creature of habit and skipping a sunday with kuya just feels weird, in a OC kinda way. with having my cousin around, well, i want to spend as much time with him as well. thankfully, kuya was nice enough to oblige. problem solved and the world is a better place for a day.

spending time with relatives are my way of having therapy. despite how other people may say that relatives just drive them nuts, that is rather contrary to my case. sure there will be moments when blood kin can drive one up the wall and well into the neighbor's yard, but those incidences i believe are a small price to pay in exchange for the great help they will provide for you in the long run. of course there will always be exceptions, like if your a culkin, a hilton, a coleman, or a spears.

this week's sunday QT revolved around stuffing ourselves with some local food indulgence courtesy of sentro and entertainment with watching national treasure 2: the book of secrets. sentro has always been a fave of cousin and kuya alike. the mere mentioning of the corned beef sinigang drives their salivary glands into overdrive. after going around greenbelt and showing the cuz ayala's newest facelift, greenbelt 5, we proceeded to sentro for the two's much awaited feasting. on the table were tofu sisig, galunggong fillets with toasted garlic, boneless crispy pata, and of course, corned beef sinigang. dinner was complemented with bottomless gulaman at sago, enough to make a diabetic comatose. after dinner, we quickly rushed to go see the movie. service that night at sentro was unusually slow so we only had about a 10 minute window left before the movie started.

we were deciding whether to watch national treasure or i am legend at first. thing is, based from the reviews i have heard of i am legend, it wasn't really the good movie it was slated to be. decision made, nat treasure it is. to be honest, i enjoyed the movie quite well. not as much as my cousin and my kuya who were laughing at every comedic moment the movie would throw at them, but i enjoyed it nonetheless. i especially liked how the movie was paced. blame it on me being ridiculously cerebral but i critique things in the weirdest of ways, and as far as all weirdness can go, this movie did pretty well. there was no dull moment in the movie. it will be action packed on one scene, emotional on the next, action, emotion, comedy, emotion, emotion, action, lust (in the guise of nic cage's lovely assistant... the geek, not the blonde), then action again. all the way till the end. i just had one little criticism about it, (warning: possible spoiler ahead) that they could have made the antagonist's demise more...well, spectacular! they were already gearing towards that end but his rather dramatic "exit" just made me go "eh?"
now, a word from our sponsors.... GEEKS RULE!!! and we're HOT to BOOT!!

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