Thursday, July 23, 2009

run for home

dahil wala akong magawang iba...

mom would often say to me in chinese "chia shiu pah!", which literally means "you're too full (of food)". it's a chinese idiom which means i think that i have nothing better to do.

o well...

better this than, shall we say, i get involved with vices, right?


wanderingcommuter said...

chia shiu pah!

yipee. new chinese vocabularies! expect this coming from me one of this days.

you should do this often: a dose of chinese idioms. hahaha

Anonymous said...

i'm too green minded to say that chinese phrase. LOL. :)

congrats jamie!

gentle said...

right, jamie.

ay, bat parang malaswa sa pandinig yung chinese term! haha! di ko kinaya!!