Friday, July 10, 2009

the lime green mini truck

almost everyday, as i drive off to work, i always chance upon this lime green mini truck. it's really impossible to miss since, well, it's lime green. it practically sticks out like a sore thumb against the dull grey sooth-laden background of a. boni avenue. anyways, seeing this cute vehicle had become a daily fixture of mine, it and it's orange fisherman cap-wearing driver. every day, i would encounter it at almost the same point, near the turn at the north cemetery. we would then part ways at market where it would turn right into the alleyways while i continue on the main road. we however, would meet again near my work place as i turn in to park while he continues on to where i presume is his workplace.

every day, for almost a few months now, this would be "our" routine, every day except thursdays wherein the truck is coding (i noticed) and on saturdays since, unlike me, the bloke probably doesn't have to work on saturdays!!!

for a creature of habit like myself, having consistent events such as seeing this, my lime green mini truck, brings about a sense of comfort to me. i catch myself smiling everytime i see it now, boxy thing that it is, while it weaves in and out of traffic. i don't really understand why i am writing about it now but just thought of doing so when again i saw it this morning. i somehow feel like i owe this little truck some gratitude. i feel grateful that it's there, for standing out amidst the depressing scenery to work; for being the cute thing that it is; for its driver who looks like he too is a cheerful fellow; for always being there at the start of my day (except thurdays and saturdays, that is); and for giving me that tincture of joy whenever i would lay my sights on it.

ah, simple joys are always the most precious.


E said...

meh ganon? LOL, by the way, I so f**king love those weird cute penguins!!! LOL

jamie da vinci! said...

E!!!!! i missed you! :)

they are cute right?! :)

wanderingcommuter said...

i admire people who loves their routine! argh! magsama kayo ni kuya JOMS!

Eternal Wanderer... said...

ah, simple joys are always the most precious.


Yes, they are.

We all should always keep that in mind ;)

Yj said...

one of these days magiging pink na yan hehehehehe