Wednesday, July 29, 2009

beautiful things 1: from bed to work

1. the feel of waking under my woolen blanket, while still lost in my dark, cold room.
2. the snooze button, and pressing it 4 times.
3. waking up to see the rising run's rays wash everything in the living room in a soft glow.
4. tweeting "good morning wednesday".
5. finding i did not have bed head.
6. walking to gym and glad my clothes did not smell "kulob" due to the past rainy days.
7. seeing the hustle and bustle of tondo in the early morning.
8. enjoying the cool morning breeze brush against my face.
9. relishing the uncrowded morning street.
10. greeting the obsidian road.
11. beholding a spectacular sky. grey clouds being broken by silver and gold over tondo.
12. being greeted good morning by the gym receptionist.
13. an empty cardio area.
14. biking to my heart's content... all 10mins of it, to warm up.
15. full blast air-conditioning.
16. being able to lift the same weights despite me not pushing myself as hard.
17. glad i could do 140lbs. military presses. i have never done them before.
18. finishing early. being complimented by old patrons.
19. being under the warm sun and a clear azure sky as i walk home.
20. greeting my mom "good morning". her smiling back in reply.
21. cranberry juice and flax seed and psyllium husk.
22. feeling content.
23. a successful number 2.
24. a nice cold shower.
25. finding out i am having hakaw and beans for lunch.
26. anticipating lunch.
28. listening to disco music on my drive to work.
29. my car cooperating with me with a smooth drive.
30. getting to work early, with minimum stress and in one piece.


red the mod said...

Sweet would be an understatement. Glad to know some of us are having a luckier time with the morning diaspora to work.

Good morning, Jamie.

jamie da vinci! said...

@red. don't reckon i'm lucky. i just decided to make the effort to look at things in a different, better light. trust me, it would have been easy to ruin my day :)

jamie da vinci! said...

@red. and a great morning to you too :)