Wednesday, July 29, 2009

beautiful things 3: from work to home

1. got to share my hakaw with my relatives over lunch.
2. got to do my work with little stress. even multitask without feeling overwhelmed.
3. was able to introduce hakaw to two hakaw-newbies, online.
4. got to chat (and hopefully cheer up) a friend.
5. bought stocks.
6. had a nice laugh with my boss' secretaries.
7. got to offer extensive medical advice to my aunt. i still got it apparently.
8. had fun auditing. surprisingly.
9. finished early at work.
10. drive home was not too fatiguing.
11. got caught in a gridlock in pritil market, but was able to manage to get through.
12. got home smiling.
13. saw the dusk sky and marveled at the wonderful colors.
14. bananas.
15. ube hopia.
16. cold water to wash down the hopia.
17. russian dark chocolate cookies.
18. not feeling guilty for having second helpings to the cookies.
19. greetings from friends over text.
20. reading tweets and feeling happy.

1 comment:

MkSurf8 said...

galing tong 3 posts mo. =) marami tayong dapat ipagpasalamat na biyaya talaga.

nagutom ako sa hakaw!