Tuesday, January 6, 2009


some of the reasons why i dislike the long holiday season. well actually, there's only a few, two to be exact.

firstly, it ruins my momentum, seriously. since january 2, i have been trying to gear myself up to work mode again but can't seem to pick up the speed. my entire body still feel heavy and sluggish (mostly in part to reason number two, but i'll get to that later) and it has been an utter chore to just move! it would have probably been ok if the world kinda moved in my sloth-like pace as i warm up after the new year, unfortunately, work went from zero to a full throttle, leaving me and my fattened butt in the blur. like Wile E. Coyote coughing his lungs out in road runner's dust! ugh! i just hate it.

mornings are a particular struggle since it's just heart breaking to get out of bed nowadays especially when the weather is just so perfect! cool air, warm sunny glow, cozy bed.... it's a crime to leave such indulgent comforts yet it has to be the first one i relinquish if i want to regain my pace. i shed a tear just saying that... huhuhu.

but seriously. i know breaks and vacations are healthy but having them in such long periods of time is just counterproductive! i felt like battery overcharged with nothing to discharge myself at. it's maddening i tell you!

so starting tomorrow (today was already too late), no more vacation mode for me. it's finished! done! kaput! tapos! kalas! no more waking up at my leisure. i will train myself to wake up at the crack of dawn again to jump start my system. no more moping around the house thinking of what to do. i will plan my day ahead with a goal oriented schedule. i will be strict. i will not be distracted!!!!!! this year should be started right and productive!

good, good. my, i can sure talk myself into getting motivated :)

now, the second reason why i hate long holidays. i pack in extra pounds.

long consecutive days of no work outs as well as gluttonous expeditions into the far east as well as down south has led me to once again grow my waist to, hmm, equatorial proportions. all those months at the gym of keeping my physique under control have instantly vaporized the moment i RAVAGED my first bowl of porkchop rice! that exercise of unrestraint heralded the beginning of a vicious cycle of cravings that has left me now in the state i am in.... heavy-er and constantly grazing, my brain's satiety center never fully satisfied.

it of course does not help that we have a fully loaded ref courtesy of all the well wishers of my kuya who showered him with food gifts, like a starving refugee hitting the jackpot! our ref has never been this full ever. kuya's gifts take so much space in the ref that mom had to relocate the less guilty snacks like the nuts and the skim milk and the dark chocolate and the rye crisps into the deepest recesses, tucked away from plain sight. open our ref now and you are immediately greeted by varieties of chocolate, cakes, specialty spreads and pate.

recall the story of the Odysseus' crew falling for the death trap of the sirens? meet the SIRENS!!!

going to gym the other day and i felt the full force of my binging. i noticed a marked decrease in my strength as well as my endurance. all lost in just a matter of a week and a half. my, the difference short term disuse can make. that and probably my arteries still struggling from all that duck i had last year!!! sigh.

so again, starting tomorrow, it's back to the health camp for me! eat good and eat right! no more junk is gonna enter in my mouth that's for sure! have to get myself back again to the habit of pushing myself in the gym and get my peak form back. maybe start running again. i missed running.

so again, no more junk! no more instant gratification my shoving foreign objects into my mouth and relishing how utterly delightful its texture is against my tongue. no more grazing. no more perusing into the dark corners in search for even darker sin.... godiva, lindt, guylian, royce... no more falling for into temptations for i will now be a glutton for punishment!!!! iron and sweat will be my meal and my drink!!!

call as much as you like devils, i will not listen!!!!!!!

so, a plan must be in order now that i'm all psyched up for success and beauty!

first thing's first. hate my bed. hate my giant, queen sized bed. nestled in the far corners of the house where my room only gets indirect sunlight, keeping its internal temperature to a mild toast. my bed, where i bury myself under mounds of pillows and blankets, where i have had many dreamy encounters with *ehem* and *uhum*, and who could ever forget *toot!* and his legendary *toot!* my bed.....

paksyet.... this is gonna be hard.


gentle said...

kuya mahalay, lalo na yung last paragraph with all the toot-toots.

Reena said...

hi. im just passing by.
this is funny.

trek... said...

jamie's post, it seems, is starting to evolve to a more steamy one.

jamie da vinci! said...

commentors!!! wholesome tayo ha!!! hahahaha! nasa-scandalize ako!!! ahahahaha!

pie said...

hmm.. this post should be aptly titled "the blossoming of jamie da vinci". :)

Niel Camhalla said...

your blog is fun to read dahil sa mga word play mo at funny images at sarcasm. dati ko pa napansin pero ngayon ko lang sinabi.

oh i almost forgot the innuendos.

ummm...what's gonna be hard? I got lost with all the toot-toot.

Trip said...

i already started running in the mornngs again last tuesday. sarap tumakbo pag maraming tumatakbo. bakit kaya??? dahil malapit na ang summer. hahaha

mindset lang iyan jamie. pag masimulan mo na ang takbo ulit, tuloy tuloy na iyun. next run is the takbo para sa kalikasan. ;)

Mr. Scheez said...

Kelangan ko na ulit mag-enroll sa FF. Haaay =(

joelmcvie said...

I wonder when I'll find out who "toot* and *toot* are? Hehehe.

jamie da vinci! said...

@pie. i bloomed a long time ago! :) now packing up the rays and beholding my full splendor! hehehe.

@niel. you have your dolls, i have my double meanings and sound effects... hehehehe. to each their own :)

@trip. i still have to train myself to wake up early! will run this saturday when i'm thinking luneta will be packed with people :) i run at the gym now but only short distances to slowly train myself to handle the impact again since, ehehehe, bumigat ako. :)

@mr. scheez. if enrolling at FF for the fitness or for the "other" activities it is famous for? ehehehe

@mcvie. why all these comments on *toot* and *toot*?? :D