Thursday, January 15, 2009

death's ode to eve

i have once pondered, very long ago
why my great lord ever created you?
why he deemed it was good you existed
when all i see you caused was grief and pain.

you were made as the companion for one
as co-keepers of the garden of life
you were to feed on the immortal fruit
and enjoy the bliss of eternity.

yet you chose, you decided diff'rently.
your eyes wandered yet to another tree.
your mind was clouded by your ambition
your lust for knowledge was what made you fall.

now because of your curiosity
this, your act of betrayal doomed you all
my lord cursed you and the fruits of your womb
and cast you and your husband out fore'er.

outside my lord's great garden, you suffered
man now toiled over the earth to survive
you had to endure the pain of child birth
you and man now know how it is to die.

but now as i glide over these vast skies
and collect the souls of your many sons
that in my great lord's infinite wisdom
though his curse made you mother of mankind
this curse also made you mother to me.


blaqgurl said...

I linked to your blog from gentle's blog the green backseat. I love this poem...did you write it? This is about Adam and Eve's fall if I am not wrong. I rarely see people writing about this subject matter. I enjoyed it. Thanks for sharing:)

Mugen said...

^^ Thank you Blaqgurl for the guide. Yup it was a good poem. Naka-dalawa ka na ah! I can't force my muses to let me write a poym.

jamie da vinci! said...

@blaqgirl. it was my pleasure, thanks for visiting :) mugen was right, the cold really does get all poetic. hehehe.

@mugen. must have been the night and the cold, as you once said. i too was rather surprised actually. was walking home from gym last night when this strong gust of wind blew. it was freezing! i then thought of the last line in my head, eve being death's mother, and the poem just grew from there.

Niel Camhalla said...

I wonder how the feminists would react to this.

wanderingcommuter said...

hidni ako pwedeng makipag kumpetisyon sa ingles sa iyo, ang husya. kaya tatagalugin na lang kita.

may something sa panahon na naglalabas ng artistic at emotional side ng bawat isa.

at maganda ang kinalabasan ng sa iyo.

Reena said...

hmm, i used to write poems also but it takes a lot of inspiration to complete one. maybe you're inspired. or maybe it's just the weather.