Wednesday, January 21, 2009

drawing block

i have been struggling with this sketch the entire day and can't seem to manage getting the perspective as well as the composition right. i dreamt of a falling woman one night during the twilight of my sleep. i knew i wanted to put her onto paper the moment i saw her in my head. the arch of her back, the way the wind blew though her hair, the way her muscles tensed as she braced herself for impact, she was beautiful. but then, i never really did. i woke up that morning and completely forgot about her... that was until this morning.

by lunch time, the images were swirling in my head once again. this time, there was a new character at play. i call here LUNA as she was one that i was supposed to depict sitting on a crescent, posed to be a figure of seduction in the night sky. again, however, she never materialized. again a forgotten subject, that was until i started drawing the falling girl. luna for some reason kind of found herself in the picture as well. sketch here, sketch there, erase here, erase there, and my falling girl is now a guy and luna is no longer sitting on the crescent moon.

i'm still waiting for the images to mature in my head. but until that time, maybe you guys can give suggestions of how this should look?


Anonymous said...

the woman is falling on the floor and he wants you to catch her.

or maybe she's falling for you.
or maybe you're subconsiously thinking of a woman. one who can fill you and call your own (in relation to your previous post) hehe

they say whatever you put in mind subconsciously, makikita't makikita mo yun sa panaginip mo.

but how you wrote it makes me imagine a girl waiting for you.


pie said...

depict him reclining on pillows; the sheets draped on his shoulders, partially hiding parts which, if revealed will make this site PG. hehehe.

jamie da vinci! said...

the PG thing has long been crossed. if you notice closely where he is "reclining", you would see tell-tale lines of a woman with legs spread. it wasn't really supposed to look erotic but i guess it eventually turned out that way.... hehehe, erase, erase!

Reena said...

nice human sketch. the only sketch i can do are floor plans!:)

i'm surprised you said that it was supposed to be a woman's body. Pwet pa lang lalaki na eh. :)hmmm. bakit nga ba nag-transform into a guy? maybe you're not used to sketching female forms.

if you want to draw a woman's body, just make the form curvier. but if you want to stick to the male form, why not sketch a frontal. haha. just kidding.

jaybeecc said...

bubble butt, bubbles, water, under the water... a man floating, in water or in air, hiding or trying to hide behind coral, plants, clouds or stars while spying someone else flying, floating, falling or flirting with the moon... mooned... back again to the back and the butt

nice sketch :) let us spy the finished product

Victor Gregor said...

i see her dangling from a cliff, her hand gripping the edge, a gaping ravine below her, fluttering skirt and all.

perspective is looking down at her face. i don't know.

Mugen said...

Your sketch left me in a dreamy mood.

Alam mo yung feeling na you're looking up in the night sky then you see the figure swirling as it ascends toward outer space? Hahaha. Weird.

joelmcvie said...

He: "Move it, bitch. I need to use the mat."

Then he starts stretching. Or maybe do yoga.


Niel Camhalla said...

how about some sort of mirror image. the guy with the girl on top of the page with their cheeks connected.

Mr. Scheez said...

I love it as it is.

Glows in the dark figure, so dream like. The sketch feels sad. I dunno why. Hehehe =)

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