Wednesday, January 21, 2009

conversation on a not so alone night

"i do not know why i have no one to call my own. the heart is a fickle thing, and i have learned from before never to impose my wants over its needs. it beats and will beat alone for the one it will truly long. everything else is just fancy. this does not mean, however, that i do not love for i do. it is from my soul's abundance that i share my affections. it comes as the kindness, the attention, the sincerity, the patience, the endurance i exercise. it is the quiet i offer during the times of turmoil, the humor in times of grief, even the sternness in times of folly and the harshness when discipline is in call."

"i do not know why i have no one to call my own. i have asked God about it and all He answered me was giving me peace in my singlehood. maybe because He/I know/s that i can never be for the one i will love and that one will never really be mine. maybe because my heart is not really fickle, but it had already surrendered itself to something, someone else. maybe because my portion in this world is to learn to appreciate the sufficiency of what i have and what i have been given. maybe that is why, though i walk in solitude, i am yet surrounded by all that my heart truly needs, and it therby longs no more. "

my answer when asked why i have no one to call my own.

and no, this is not a pre-valentine's day post. ehehehehehe.


Mr. Scheez said...

Pinag-isipan mo ba ito bago mo isinagot? Galing ah.

Regarding this line --> "...i am yet surrounded by all that my heart truly needs, and it therby longs no more."

My question is: Really?

joelmcvie said...

Is that really your heart speaking, or your mind justifying?

(pause for effect)

(evil laftir)

(Oops, take two! My inner editor just spanked me.)

Reena said...


I just think you're afraid to love.(again?) You're thinking about it too much eh.

dabo said...

ang mushy.. hahaha!

--- --

i've seen this coming, your capability to weave timeless lines that will try to outwit eternity..

Mugen said...

I should learn to cherish what singlehood brings and learn to accept the solitude that comes with it. For in those moments of aloneness do I find beauty in crossing different lives and learning that love reveals itself in many forms.

Nice answer btw.

jamie da vinci! said...

it was a miss universe question asked at 4am while i was watching the obama inog. i just felt to commensurately give a miss universe answer.

ruffa G... step aside!!! ahahahaha!

Anonymous said...

"peace in my singlehood"

wow! i have half of that "peace", probably. maybe.

ganda nito!:D