Tuesday, December 30, 2008

with a faint smile

with a faint smile
i loose myself,
in my empty gazes
into the horizons of my reverie.
like throwing of stones
catapulting into the unseen
hoping, praying
that it would take my heart
to the vast distances
to the places it alone can go
to the places i cannot.

with a faint smile
i study the dancing of clouds
gliding across the azure sky.
figures of grace, they billow and bow
as the winds of my intentions
blow them over the seas
towards towers and hills
far away, where the sky kisses
the waters afar
afar, afar,
to where my wishes long to dwell.

with a faint smile
i finally close my tired eyes
in calm surrender
i let myself to fall away
away into the deepest crevasses
into the furthest heavens
far off into the eternal reaches,
to go where all love go
where all my wishes now dwell
where i can rest my weary soul
and sleep with a faint smile.


Mugen said...

Nice poem. Ang sarap niya i recite mag-isa. Hehe.

wanderingcommuter said...

this are the kinds of poems that you read frist before you go to bed, atleast for me.

gentle said...

huwaw jamie, ang ganda.. full of hope. :) these is in high contrast sa mga suicidal poyms ko hehehe.

Mugen said...

Happy New Year Jaime! Looking forward to see you soon.

jamie da vinci! said...

happy new year rin sayo mugen, my tripartite personality online friend! hehehehe. heres to hoping to see you in person as well!

ingat sa pagpapaputok! in all meanings of the phrase.. bwahahaha!