Tuesday, December 16, 2008

in anticipation...

alone in my chambers,
i quietly listened.
my heart beating
myself breathing
the silence, whispering in my ear... delicious.

alone in my chambers,
i slowly stood.
the dreams of you lingered
like ghosts in a mist.
groaning, moaning,
incessantly calling... delicious.

alone in my chambers,
delirious now.
voices i am hearing.
visions i am seeing.
a fire in my belly
violently crying... delicious!

alone in my chambers,
in stillness i stood.
my heart racing,
my body drenched in sweat.
i walked to the window and
gazed into the night.
taking a deep breath
sucked in with my might.
it rolled on my tongue,
i enunciated it right.
whispered it right.
o, tormentor of souls!



isang araw nalang malalasap na rin kita...

delicious kitchen.... ikaw at ang kasumpa-sumpa mong.....

porkchop rice....

isang araw na lang.... magiging akin ka na MULI!!!!!


gentle said...

hehe. potang poym yan. intro lang pala sa katakawan! :) address please?!

Mugen said...

Saan yan?

jamie da vinci! said...

at causeway bay, HANG KANG!!! :)

wanderingcommuter said...

ang sosyal naman HANG KANG pa...