Friday, December 19, 2008

greetings from chinatown

ni men HAO!!! wo shen tzay tau (good morning all, i am currently at) the world's largest chinatown having a much needed vacation!!! 


nippy weather but not cold enough to bring out the winter gear. though out of peer pressure (kasi everyone is in winter gear here), i just might decide to wear a scarf... but really. a polar bear like moi wearing a scarf is simply stupid! i honestly wouldn't mind walking around in flip flops and short just to tell these people "you fashion victims!!!... o my, where did you get that jacket, i MUST get one as well!"

well, i won't be blogging that much kasi mahal internet dito and i don't earn in HK dollars so break muna :) if ever makasagip ng free wifi... well, you will surely get an update, like this one.

hay, i seriously am missing the blog and reading my fave blogs... guess i know what i will be doing when i get back to the islands. 

for now though, polar bear will be cruising the hawker streets!! 


Trip said...

enjoy ur vacation jamie. :)

jamie da vinci! said...

thanks trip!!!