Sunday, December 21, 2008

day 3 and counting

after what seemed to have been a quiet and rather uneventful first two days in what is asia's shopping capital, kuya and i saw a sudden surge of shopping energy today. within probably a span of just a few hours, i was able to purchase almost all the items i needed to consider this trip a success.... i.e., my new chucks! :)

i am a simple guy and only need a few things in my "sparce" clothing arsenal to keep me satisfied. my ensemble is usually composed of ur basics (shirt and jeans) with only the addition of a couple of indulgences to give it some spunk. one such indulgence is getting myself nice, unique chuck taylors.

i have never really thought of myself to be a chuck person until i purchased my first pair and saw me wear it down till it broke... and i still wear it! i just love how versatile they are. i wear them to work, to site, to meet clients, even on certain "formal" occassions. that's how much i enjoy them. though i usually play safe and just get canvass neutrals, todays purchase saw me upping the ante!

hehehehe, i just bought myself a pair of copper metallics! and i simply ADORE them :)

anyways, HK is still the same busy, fast paced place i recall it to be. the chill obviosuly has no effect in its spirit and it uber strong buying power. HONGKIES shop like it is a basic duty to society! and i though divisoria in christmas was bad.... its worse here in HK! and we are not talking about hoards of people going on a frenzy over bargains (though there are ppl who do that... like yours truly), but people going gaga over designer goods... think falling in line and wait to be let in into stores like louis vuitton, gucci, prada, christian dior, and hermes where some shopper can spend as much as a MILLION in just 10 mins! kuya and i actually tried getting ourselves into one of those stores and the pandemonium inside was like something i have never seen before. like kids inside a candy store these people, only the candy would cost as much as a car!

i swear, money here feels like its not even earned when even the lowly sales clerk at the mall wears a panerai watch and carries an hermes HAC (both items costing approx. P300K++ each!)

ugh! wealth... how i wish i wasn't so affected by you! sigh... o well.... you won't ridicule me for being broke, would you gio? .... as in, gio-rdano?! :)


Toilet Thoughts said...

Cool. I haven't experienced shopping in HK, though I almost experienced Big Singapore's Sale. I'm not much of a wardrobe person, but more of a gadget freak. hehe. Though I heard HK boasts a good gadget shopping deal as well.

hehe. Pasalubong! Kidding. In anycase, I tagged you in blogspot. hope its ok. hehe.

gentle said...

hehehe. di ako nainggit sa shopping.. know what kung san ako tulo-laway? sa dame ng cha-nis fud na kinain ninyo hehehe. galeng galeng, its nice to read you're enjoying your vay-kay with your kuya, jamie. :) honga, as t.t. said, pasalubong! dimsum haha!!

Niel Camhalla said...

ano yung a panerai watch at hermes HAC? :)

1st Hang Kang. Now Hongkies. Cute in a funny way. hehehe

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