Monday, December 29, 2008

to vikki, my friend

you sat in the opposite end of the room, too far for me to see. even after you stood up in front to give your say and caught everyone's attention, i do not recall having any impression of you. yet when it was my turn to speak up front, you took notice of me. you singled me out and you remembered.

a week went by and you came up to talk to me. it was a technical question that i can no longer recall but it eventually led to a conversation. you introduced yourself and i reciprocated. it was only a polite gesture for me back then to give you my name and shake your hand. i never knew, nor would i ever would have known that that moment would be the beginning of a whole new chapter in my life, one with you playing an integral part.

years have now gone by and i cannot imagine how my life would have turned out without having your presence, physical or not, by my side. our souls are joined at the hip and even if there were moments i wished i could depart from you... i knew inside that the bond was deep and could not be easily severed. our bond has been divinely set, forged with life's ups and downs, with its laughter and tears, in its joy and its aches. a bond i have never shared with anyone else who was not of blood and kin. this bond is what gives me strength now when i feel lonely and wish that i could see you again, only to remember that you now live so far away. this bond is what gives me faith, that though our circumstances have now diverged, that we would still keep our friendship fresh and strong. this bond is what gives me hope, like how we met that one friday so many years ago, that our paths will definitely cross again. oceans and continents could only try to prevent this.

in the wake of the past days events, i can only sit quietly and reflect on the many memories i now have because of you. i focus on the smile they bring to my lips and the lift they offer to my weighed down spirit. though in our separation, the heart aches as it always had, i have learned to be comforted with knowing that you now have found for yourself a greater ally, a beautiful counterpart. to have been a constant witness to the blossoming of your love for each other is something to be compared to the best of fortunes and i can only feel honored to be have been made a part of it.

thank you for including me in your life.

thank you for being a part of mine.

thank you for singling me out.

thank you for being my friend.

to ozgur, as the priest said, you are doubly blessed. take good care of yourself and of vikki.


trek... said...

nice photos jaime. i never noticed before that you have a smile that stretches from ear to ear, hehehe.

davao's great, isn't it?

jamie da vinci! said...

i have pics of me having them reach my *ehem* too! :)