Monday, April 5, 2010

how to end a 42 hour fast.

1. qoola yogurt. took the tub out of the dispenser, then proceeded to pump out the original flavor, careful to catch it in a most decadent swirl. i didn't want the flavored versions since they would just add too much sugar to my first intake. tub full, off i go to the toppings bar. fresh strawberries, sliced almonds, yogurt bits and honey. weighed the damn thing and paid. the best P270 buck of my life!!! take THAT red mango!!!! (spiteful much?)

2. starters: pumpkin soup. i always loved pumpkin soup since it reminds me of baby food. think GERBER. yes, GERBER. anyway, so for dinner, i originally wanted to eat at Mr. Jones since i was badly craving for fries and all that greasy stuff american diner food is so famous for, but alas, the place was full. second option was Italiannis then, but on route, we passed by the newly relocated bizu and simply got sucked in to their bright interiors like moths to a flame. propped my hungry ass on their newly re-upholstered chairs and ordered like, well, i was ending a fast!

pumpkin puree with leeks, herbs, lots of black pepper, hold the cream. best pumpkin soup i've had. not too creamy, uber flavorful and VERY gerber-ish.

3. salad. Waldorf. was never really a fan of the waldorf since i more often order oriental salads due to the crispy vermicelli they add. i like texture in my food and the addition of just apples in your waldorf wasn't enough to make me consider it. however, what drew my curiosity to this version was the dressing, yogurt. interestingly enough, the combination of greens, the bitterness of grilled chicken slices, walnuts, tart apples, citrus oranges and the tangy yogurt dressing was divine. i would have liked the dressing to have a bit more spike to it though, maybe add a few drops of balsamic but over-all, it was utterly delish.

4. pasta. chorizo linguini with olive oil. kuya ordered this since he loves spicy chorizo. nothing special to it though. it tasted just like how chorizo, mixed with al dente linguini in olive oil should taste like.

5. main course. braised lamb shank, grilled veggies in truffle mash potatoes. the mash was super delicious. velvety and rich. the vegetables were grilled just right to release their sweetness. the lamb meat feel off the bone.... but, lacked the flavor i was expecting from lamb. it had the after-taste but surprisingly, nothing more. the meat was definitely soft but i just couldn't understand why i couldn't taste the meat. i had to drown it in the sauce just to get a bit of flavor in, actually. chose lamb over the 10-hour roasted roast beef since i wanted to cut down on the fat. was supposed to leave the mash alone as well but since i could barely get any satisfaction with the meat, i ended up finishing everything.

6. movie. clash of the titans, 3D. i didn't know i got tickets to the 3D screening. i just got seats for the time that was available. it didn't occur to me that the tickets were UNUSUALLY expensive. needless to say, it was an unwarranted P300 since i could have practically watched the movie without the 3D glasses since there was barely any 3D to it. o well.... what's done is done.

7. dessert. rainbow cathedral jello and hazel nut chocolate. i was still hungry.... so sue me.

till the next fast.


ʎonqʎʇıɔ said...

and now i'm hungry too except i have no fast to break. lol

red the mod said...

Delectable. I hope your feeling better Jamie. Don't overthink things. It will all make sense. Let it weave by its own waft.