Wednesday, June 10, 2009


"sir... upper tayo", he said, while both of us were sprawled on the floor, panting, exhausted and our bodies dripping in sweat. i sincerely could not make sense of what he said as i stared blankly into his face while i tried my best to catch my breath. i rose from my position, kneeling in front of him, my body's fatigued muscles immediately tensing in my change in orientation. i inhaled deeply, figuring that air might do me some good. surely it should. he followed me with his eyes, watching me as i lorded myself above him, wondering probably what i was about to do, wondering probably also how i would respond to his puzzling request. for almost two hours, he had me do things i never imagined i could ever do. configuring to positions, performing movements my body never thought was possible, dare i even say, doable. i had been his captivated slave all this time despite the fact that i should actually be his commanding master. "i paid you for this service, i shouldn't be the one who's panting" i thought to myself, my psyche in an uproar from this apparent injustice. but i kept quiet, stoic. all i did was again take a deep breath and slowly went back down to the floor where he stayed waiting for me.

"sir... upper na tayo", he mentioned it again, this time extending his right hand towards me.

my eyes widened. i screamed.... internally, of course. "APIR!!!!!!" "susmariosep!!!!" "APIR!!!!!"

i then realized my trainer was bisaya and tried my best to distract myself from the surging laughter about to burst from my gut by immersing in the pain of the modified push-up he had wanted me to do from the very start.

but i tell you.... for that moment, the pain was so worth it!


i'm a narnian said...

sorry na daw sabi ng trainer mo. turuan mo siya ng english! LOL

Tristan Tan said...

Upper! :))

The Green Man said...
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The Green Man said...

O Jamie, Jamie, Jamie. This is hilarious (non-condescending manner.)

I remembered a similar situation with the guy I spoke with from National Museum... I asked if we are still installing in the North wing Gallery... then he said "Hindi na po Sir, sa Es (pronounced like the letter "S") so I thought, ah sa "S" na as in South? He corrected me saying: "Hindi, sa Es na po, sa Es." Then I thought really hard what he meant... and then I blurted out: "OH! you mean East!"

I realized he had a Visayan provincial accent.

Disclaimer: sometimes I have poor hearing.

<*period*>; said...

ituloy mo po yan..hindi lang para gumanda ang katawan kundi for health reasons na rin..

ako tumigil sa paggi-gym kasi napaka erratic ng working schedule ko, in the end, nagkasakit ako

jamie da vinci! said...

@narnian. i'd rather not. i sincerely love life too much and do not want to get my ass kicked to kingdom come. then again, baka pwede kami mag ex-deal. i can teach him proper pro-NUN-ciation, in exchange for muay thai lessons.


@green man. oh my, i think we might be both suffering from poor hearing then. then again, you do know what they say about people who develop poor hearing.... nyahahahaha!

@(i have no idea how to address you, sir). i agree. actually, i try to keep fit primarily to keep my stress levels low. nothing combats the evil tensions better that exploding all that angst on a very willing subject, who in this case is built like a tank and can choose to break u in half if he decides to do so. hehehehe. thanks for dropping by, kind sir.

Herbs D. said...

he could've just raised his arm up. no? hahahaha.

Theo Martin said...


joelmcvie said...

Bakit laging nali-link sa iyo yung mga hirap mag-Ingles?

(pause for effect)


P.S. -- At paano naman makakatulong sa workout ang apir?!

ShatterShards said...

There are actually more Visayan-speaking people than there are Tagalog-speaking ones... Could it be that they are the ones who got the pronounciation right all along?

Or maybe it's just me leaking sanity at the ears for lack of physical activities for the past months. hehe

cb :: 林偉文 said...

wow! lupet! haha para lang yang "job-street-job-street" na jab at straight pala.

vikki said...

ei j. your friend took the words out of my mouth. I had a similar job street experience. Remember my boxing sessions with those amateur boxers? I guess it's common in those circles. : )