Friday, June 12, 2009

an attempt in writing fiction: at luna's garden

i suddenly found myself sitting by your garden's fountain, resting on its weathered stone brim, looking blankly at the unfamiliar reflection trapped within the dark water's skin. it stared curiously at me, studying me, reading me like an inquisitive child, as it lay floating within the lustrous confines of its wet prison. it opened its mouth, as if about to ask me a question, and i held my breath in fearful anticipation for what it was about to say. a stream, instead, escaped its mouth. it blew a steady flow that sent ripples onto the water's surface, disturbing the calm, sending my strange companion into an obscure oblivion as the darkness eventually ate him up.

the waters grew agitated with the disturbance. it began to thrash against the fountain well, spilling over its stone confines, bleeding onto the unsuspecting night field. i quickly got up from my seat and stood out of its way as, it seemed, the liquid was moving with an urgent purpose. it overflowed onto the cobble stone ground and quickly stretched outwards, far into the deep undergrowth. i was soon surrounded by a glistening black sea, engulfed in a torrent that robbed your garden of its vivid vibrancy, covering it in an opulent blanket of midnight hues, of deep blues and purples and ultramarine. its voracious appetite was limitless as all that stood defiant in its way was consumed, drowning them in this indiscriminate surge.

it was truly a fearful and terrible sight. your beautiful garden, lost now, it's life so abruptly and senselessly snuffed out, destroyed by such a violence. i trembled on my feet as i watched the dark waters began to climb up trees and walls, covering them in impenetrable shadows. even highly perched leaves could not escape you, i said. the sound of the surge was all i could hear. it filled the garden with a deafening echo of rampage and force, like a choir of tortured souls that even hell would not accept. it shook the ground that i stood upon, challenging my stance, testing me, mocking my feeble courage as i stood still in my place, praying desperately that this terror would finally cease.

but the surge only grow louder. scratching, tearing, ripping sounds, like a vicious beast undressing muscle from bone. i covered my ears and closed my eyes in hopes of taming the fear, but my efforts proved foolishly useless. my heart began to sink, drowning in the deluge, my hope and joy slowly fading from me. i began to cry, exasperated from all the forces at play, the ones assaulting without, as well as the ones buffeting within. sensing that all is lost, i finally let down my hands, uncovered my ears and opened my terrified eyes to behold again the sight at hand. the dark waters have now gathered itself into a vertical pool, a stormy figure swirling in front of me. i am now waist deep in the sea and am in its full mercy.

"if no death, no life." the figure suddenly said. "if no death, no life." it repeated again to me. it did so again and again until it was all i could hear, until it was all that i knew, that in my mind and in my soul, that i eventually understood and accept what it had to do. in my utter surrender, i raised my head up one last time and fixed my gaze at the cloudless night sky. i saw the dazzling moon burning brightly amidst her legion of stars, and i said a prayer for her and bid her adieu, may she be well, may she be safe forever. i kept my head up as long as i could, and took my longest breath as the dark waters rose and like my strange companion, also ate me up.


The Green Man said...

Hey! thanks for dropping by the opening. I sincerely appreciate it.

jamie da vinci! said...

@green man. the pleasure was all mine, sir. :)