Friday, December 17, 2010

to you

it was in your unmistakable awkwardness that made you, initially, stand out for me; how in your tight, quiet, tensed movements, you tried to hide your ineptitude, but sorely, yet so beautifully failed. you took your glasses off to listen to people's conversation, as if to remove them was also to remove a veil that could frustrate you from a more honest experience. your eyes fixed on an unmarked point as you focused your energies to open you ears, your mind, maybe even your heart, i could not yet see, for i did not yet know you. despite this, the mystery of your person enchanted me, even if i still have difficulty admitting it. your anxious, discomforted stillness, this volatile flux you were in while in the company of strangers made you the sole object of my undivided attention.

you then turned to me.

you were slowly fracturing then. you bravely tried to pull yourself together, keep yourself together, but pieces kept falling off still. then i saw you. i felt you first for i too knew what it was like to also crumble. i then saw you for the first time, for who you are and i was captivated instantly. you are a puttering star, a young star struggling to glow. people could not behold you for your time was not yet, and your glory could not yet be manifested. but you still burn, slowly glowing from within, with white-hot embers radiating your life force in cosmic waves that only a few can detect. you were a beaming beacon of supreme invisible light. even in your silence, even in your awkwardness, even in your gentle fragility, your strength was palpable.

you became the silent lull before the storm, the charge before the clapping of thunder, the tension before final impact. you hold immense, unspeakable power, and no one knows of it except for those who have seen the rare displays of your great potential. that is why you are unique. that is why you are special.

i, i believe, am only but a spectator, in the greater, grander scheme of things, and i cannot help but feel more honored to bear witness to the celestial spectacle that you will soon become.

thank you. thank you so very much.

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