Tuesday, December 14, 2010

lahing pugita

my last day in singapore was bitter-sweet. sweet since i would soon be in the immediate vicinity (since it wouldn't be till a few days later till we see each other) again with my "irog". bitter, since i could only imagine the status of my desk once i get back to work. true enough, my desk was just as i expected it... a fire hazard. one spark is all it takes to turn my desk into a miniature scenario of the californian forest fire.

my inbox was to the point of overflowing... and i have THREE of them, considering! all stuffed with backlogged paperwork, none of which budged since no one else can proxy for me in the office. not a single one. and so begins my hike up to calvary. sheet after sheet, i computed, recomputed, sorted, encoded, and filed. little by little, addressing the voluminous heap that had taken over my work space, mocking me and the vacation i took not too many days ago. added to my backlogged work in the office, my client from my OTHER job (which is completely WHOLESOME i might add), knowing that i was already back, started her sweet barraging of little requests. follow-up on this, follow-up on that, i like this, can we change it to that, so on and so forth....i so wanted to have myself xeroxed just so i could have more of me to work. unfortunately, i was a glutton in singapore and could no longer fit myself into the scanner without seriously causing the machine much damage. so i trudged on. i endured. i just finished a FULL marathon and SURVIVED, dammit, surely THIS is nothing compared to that feat, or so i thought.

did i mention i also had to attend to errands from home? yes. i had to run errands for home as well, since, well, no one else can do it. dad cant do it. mom cant do it, kuya can't either.... so that leaves me... unless i can train our old shi-tzu to call a towing company and haul our car to the shop, fill up forms and follow-up on agents.

all of that started last tuesday... and as of today, tuesday, the week later, i am happy to say... all of that mess is finally FINISHED!!!!!

my inboxes are empty! all THREE of them! i can blog now! i can watch TV!!! i can sleep SOUNDLY. i can taste my food!!!! :) o happy happy joy joy....

yun lang. masaya lang talaga ako.

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MkSurf8 said...

i'm happy that you're happy, mr polar bear. err, mr pugita! =)