Saturday, December 25, 2010

because i overspelt

i have to say, i REALLY am loving the holidays. no work, no pressure, no nothing! just pure, mindless, purposeless bliss. it's only been two days so far and i can see myself living like this, well, forever!!!!

well, not really...

either that, or i'm slowly turning insane. slowly feeling restless now, actually. not having anything to do, though, theoretically, it sounded like complete and utter joy, in reality, is causing me, strangely, stress. i tried doing things that i normally didnt have much time for before on normal occasions (like SERIOUSLY train for my run) but i guess i'm such a routinize nutjob that not having any schedule is making it a bit more difficult for me to actually do anything. i programed my phone to ring at 4am. it did. i turned it to snooze. it rang every 5 minutes thereafter, all the way till it FINALLY gave up on me. it's now 7am, and if kept to the original plan, i would probably be somewhere in luneta na, dripping in sweat, shivering maybe, and trying to find a good place to pee... but instead, i'm home, in my boxers, sitting, blogging about the utter FAILURE of my supposedly active morning. i am now contemplating on running on the treadmill, here at home. it's only a few steps away from where i am seated as of the moment, but even doing that is proving to be harder than expected.

day 2 and i have turned myself into a victim of my own inertia.

i seriously have to make mental note of how easy it is for me to be paralyzed by inactivity. funny, this after i made a pact with myself of becoming more active and trying to trim myself even more for 2011. so far, what i've done in relation to this goal had been all counterproductive. i haven't been working out, i bought THREE bags of chicharon LAMAN yesterday, and i have gluttonous meals lined up until the year-end. kuya once told me, the moment you make a decision, the universe will immediately challenge you on it.... SEE my steadfastness on mine.

on another topic totally unrelated to my failure to be active this holiday season....

can somebody EXPLAIN to me why people say and use the word STUFFS? yes, with an S in the end, pluralizing the already compound, thus already plural noun, STUFF. i swear, every time i hear or read this on either twitter or facebook or in the middle of a conversation, my slits-for-eyes widen to actually show eyeballs!!!

i once thought that it's because a lot of pinoys suffer from a lazy tongue, hence the often pronunciation and grammatical errors, but STUFFS? you know how hard it is to articulate the F and S sounds together? effort siya ha!!! and yet, people say it, WITH CONVICTION PA!!! stuffS, stuffS, oh my gad... STUFFS??? because STUFF isn't enough?

yun lang p0wh. jejejejejejeje

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Reena said...

hahaha. I sometimes have the same problem. When we've overwork then suddenly we are faced with a long weekend with nothing to do. The workaholic in you is kicking in. Don't worry, isang araw nlng and you'll be forced back to work to do stuffssssss. harharhar (pilit kong sinama sa sentence yun. lol)

Merry Christmas! Take a long good rest since next year konti lang ang long weekend.