Friday, December 31, 2010

the last run for 2010

ok. so i lied. THIS, instead, will be my last post for the year... that is until i decide, maybe, i may have more things to say before 2010 comes to a close.

kuya and i decided last night that we would run this morning. he and i registered for the Condura marathon this coming february, my second full marathon and his second half-marathon, and felt that it was ABOUT time we take our training seriously since 1 month of conditioning isn't really considered as appropriate. ANYWAY, as i had somehow anticipated, as my alarm started shrieking at around 445am, kuya was snoring like a hibernating bear, while i, i was staring at dark ceiling, wondering whether or not i would succumb again to my laziness or REALLY, REALLY get my (toned) butt off my bed and into my running shorts. after a few more minutes of procrastinating, i eventually opted for the later... kuya was still vocalizing in his sleep.

luneta was full or runners when i arrived, sun not yet rising. round and round they go, like planets around an extinguished sun. i wonder sometimes how these runners felt when the hostage crisis was happening, not too many months ago.

tying my laces, i began feeling the slow surge of adrenaline course through my body. my heart thudded in my chest, from fear? maybe. luneta always gets my blood flowing, muscle memory i guess from those countless revolutions i also did, like the runners i was now with, from those many training runs long ago. i still recall the pain, the panting, and all that sweat as i slowly increased my milage, not willing to give up just yet, accepting that a bit of discomfort was a price i should be willing to pay to achieve my goals. back then, it was just to run a full 5K without stopping. now... well, now is different, but in a way, still the same.

i began with 2 warmup laps around quirino grand stand, about 2ish kilometers. the holiday running hiatus made my ankles stiff and managing the first few meters were excruciatingly painful. i tried to focus on my form, and tried to avoid speeding up as i would often do when in pain. my feet struck the ground oddly as well. my foot would supinate overtly, which would cause my pinkey toe to roll in. i tried to relax my ankles a bit more but i could already sense my shin stiffening. if i kept this up, for sure, i would begin developing pre-tibial soreness, which i did not want. i increased my cadence, taking smaller steps. it relieved the soreness by a bit, hopefully, i thought, enough till my legs grew accustomed again to the pounding i was subjecting them too.

by the 2nd kilometer, my legs felt ok. i then headed toward the long stretch of roxas blvd., running towards CCP. i decided not to run on the asphalt this time, but instead ran on the brick-tiled baywalk. i wanted to try running of uneven terrain this time since i would like to train my feet when i decide to run this route barefoot, one of these days. the air was nippy but it did nothing from me still sweating buckets. by the time i reached CCP, i was drenched to my socks. i kept it up, slowing down to walk just so not to force myself too much. i try not to compete anymore, as i want to relearn the love i had for running again. i used to love running as a kid. i don't know what happened and why i lost it...

CCP complex now has a 7km route dedicated to runners and bikers. it courses thru the compound, all the way to the back of sofitel. i got myself near the old manila film center and marveled at the beauty of this slowly decaying building... my eyes then fell on this man who looks like he was touching himself while oogling at the joggers who passed him by. i took a second, closer look and it doesn't seem that the hand in his pocket was looking for a handkerchief. geeez... what a sleeze. i then noticed the odd number of cars parked at the film center. it was barely 6am and there was JUST too many cars, parked idly there, engines still on. my imagination began to run... like me. LOL. i best got myself out of there since it was too early to think unsavory thoughts. as i pulled away from the area, from the corner of my eye, i saw the man still "looking for his handkerchief".

the CCP runner's route ends at the ramp of CCP. runners and, well, cruisers, park themselves along the embankment, some resting, others, like vultures perusing on an stream of meat that pass them by. up you go on the steep ramp, then down again. i often use this as my U-Turn as i go back to luneta. i would run up the ramp, and use the momentum of the downhill run to slingshot me back to roxas, on my way back. i did it again this time. i however was no longer able to run back to luneta. i could no longer keep proper form during this leg of my run, my heel now striking the pavement. i decided to call it a good run day and walked back the rest of the distance. overall, i ran about 10km that morning.

by the time i got back to luneta, it was now bustling with activity. the oldies were engrossed in their rather lude aerobics regimen, conducted by a rather enthusiastic instructor who, i must say, looked hot with all his hip thrusting. i wonder if the lolos and lolas know what they're doing?

as i made my way back to my car, two things i noticed. one, a pair of bubble butt cheeks, owned by who i presume is a sprinter, since he was all alone on the opposite side of the street doing his drills. i spotted him, rather, his behind, from a MILE away. second, a pair of wings, tattooed onto the back of a very chiseled man. same distance of buttman. unlike buttman however, the tattoo caught my attention since they looked familiar to me. true enough, when the guy turned around in his shirtless glory, i knew him. a few friendly banters on how we were BOTH trying to make room in our bodies for the gluttony tonight, i hurriedly made my way to my car before i find myself drool in front of him.

fatigue, many pardons to my wholesome friends, disinhibits me. just ask my BF. LOL!!!

happy new year!!!!


Rosvie said...
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claudiopoi said...

happy new year jamiedavinci!

hindi ako makarecover sa (toned) butt incident. ikaw na! haha :)

this post was peppered with sexual innuendos. it didn't help na ang daming sweating and muscle flexing na naganap. haha!

sana maganda ang pasok ng bagong taon sayo! more more happiness and less less stress! :)