Saturday, October 16, 2010

ugly texts

i find i funny sometimes when i feel sad that i have nothing to blog. i never really was the type who likes to document every single thing that happens to my life, despite the many attempts before to start a journal. i didnt really understand, now that i think about it, why i even entertained the thought before. maybe because everyone seemed to have one back then, maybe i felt the value to being able to have proof that i lived, i thought and that i had opinions. i do, however, know that one of the reasons why i never followed through with keeping journals was because i hated how my penmanship looked. i hated how my cursive looked, more so my prints. they look so uneven and, well, poorly written. despite my mother admonishing me to keep practicing, which i did, and despite the VOLUMES of pages that i had already written, especially when i went to med school and had to transcribe lecture after lecture, my penmanship never improved. which now leads me to think, maybe why i continued on blogging is because i type instead of write. though im not really that thrilled with the limited amounts of fonts available with the templates, it sure beats seeing the chicken-scratching text that would be if i were to write my posts using a pen.

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claudiopoi said...

or baka pwede kang maging doctor. :D
add lang kita sa blogroll ko ka? :)