Monday, September 6, 2010

point blank


am i regretful? i am not.
am i still hopeful to reunite? no i am not.
am i ready to move on? i already have.
have i forgotten him that quickly? i think of him everyday still.
do i have any resentment against him? none whatsoever.
why don't i want things to be ok with him again? because it wouldn't work anymore.
are you that sure? yes. i am.
are you willing to see other people? not yet.
so what do you intend to do now? what i always do, live normally.
you still feel like you're in a funk, what gives? it takes a while to regain the part that you gave away.
you're not in this asking for sympathy? apparently, i'm unsympathetic.
you're bitter? i'm more sarcastic. it's a defense mechanism to lighten the pain.
so you're pained? not so much anymore.
so why still dwell on this topic? because, despite how robotic my life is, it help to remind myself that i am, human still.

do you think you'll ever love again? love is such a strange word for me now... only time will tell if i ever reach that point.

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Anonymous said...

hearthugs. see you tomorrow.